Dancing with the Devil


Acapulco Bay  

Spring seems to have landed in Boston at last, thank god, and with the 74 degree weather in mid-March I couldn’t help but recall some memories from Acapulco, Mexico. Those of us who are intelligent enough not to have graduated from college yet very well may be on Spring Break right now, sweating in the sun and drinking Coronas with a bunch of scantily clad co-eds. Spring Break 2008 brought me to Acapulco, on Mexico’s Pacific coast, along with 20 or so of my amigos. And while the stereotypical spring break experience was there for the taking, there was one experience which will forever be captured in my soul. A night never to be forgotten. The night that I got to dance with the devil.  

Don’t get me wrong, Acapulco is a beautiful place (see picture above). Who doesn’t love beer and tacos, 85 degree sunny weather everyday, and cabbies driving supped up 1970’s Volkswagen rabbits? But while those memories will fade, the devil will always live on.  

The Devil aka Benji De Acapulco


The devil is first and foremost a performer. Once something of a beach bum, he pitched his act to the owners of Acapulco’s two best clubs, Palladium and Mandara, ten years ago. Both clubs sit perched high above Acapulco Bay and are completely glassed in, providing stunning views of the city below. Eager spring breakers must wait until 3:30am at Mandara or 4:00am at Palladium for the devil to appear.  The devil is silver man, glistening in sweat and donning a tribal headdress – a costume based off of the mystic dancers of the Aztec culture. Throughout the 20 minute performance the devil swings around his flaming torch, dancing raucously to techno music on a platform amongst thousands of his adoring minions. The performance is wild, captivating, and leaves all wanting more. (See YouTube for Videos)  

For the devil, his performances are a full-time job. He spends his days surfing and lounging on the beach, then performing at night. His act has been received with such high acclaim by each years’ spring breakers that the demand for the devil to be lured out of Mexico has been intense. He can now be booked for a rumored $5,000 appearance fee anywhere in North America.  

The warm weather in Boston is a delight. Damn those college kids.


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