David Ortiz vs. A-Rod

As a Red Sox fan, of course I love David Ortiz. How could I not? This post is a player comparison between the offensive production of David Ortiz versus that of Alex Rodriguez since A-Rod joined the Yankees in 2004 (Ortiz joined the Sox in ’03). Simply put, Big Papi ain’t gettin’ no respect, especially from Yankees fans. Most knowledgeable Red Sox fans (fools excluded) hate A-Rod yet give him his due — he is an undeniable talent and is one of the best hitters I will ever see. Period. But all too often I see New Yorkers readily dismissing Ortiz and his talents. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Since 2004 here are each players numbers for batting average, home runs, and RBI’s.

                                             HR                     RBI                         AVG

David Ortiz                         228                     729                         .287

Alex Rodriguez                238                     716                          .299

Those numbers look very comparable to me. That’s 38 home runs and 121 RBI’s per year for Ortiz, versus 39 home runs and 119 RBI’s per year for A-Rod. Yet A-Rod is typically drafted 3rd in ESPN fantasy leagues whereas Ortiz is typically the 168th pick. Give me a break. Where’s the sense in that?

Yankees fans will be quick to point out the dismal season that Ortiz had last year compared with his prior seasons. He was slumping in the first half, it was the biggest slump of his career, get over it. If you want to see an even worse slump check out A-Rod’s postseason career pre-2009. As a matter of fact Ortiz had more dingers and RBI’s than Rodriguez did in the second half of 2009.

Don’t get me started on the postseason. Frankly, we don’t need to waste our time making this comparison. Since 2004 Ortiz has 2 World Series titles to A-Rod’s 1, and Ortiz has the most walk-off hits in postseason history. That tips the offensive scale in Ortiz’s direction anyway you cut it. I think Ortiz is primed for a big year at the plate this year — give the man the respect he deserves.


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24 responses to “David Ortiz vs. A-Rod

  1. j-bone

    no you’re right. ortiz wasnt protected by the best hitter in baseball at the time in a band box and hes got that fantastic glove that he flashes every day

    • If you could read a comparison of David Ortiz versus A-Rod without immediately beginning to hyperventilate, you might have noticed that this was meant only as an offensive comparison, key word offensive. Of course A-Rod plays defense. He even plays it pretty well at times. As for being protected by the best hitter in baseball, A-Rod is sandwiched in the middle of one of the greatest offenses of all time. Not a good point there captain.

  2. A. Rab Money

    as an avid yankee fan, a reasonable one of course, i think Papi’s “off” year last year was due to the fact that he took steroids came out and he there fore was no longer on the juice. As everyone knows last year was also A-rods first year playing after being outed as a steroid user and he seemed fine. We will see this year if this plays a part in Papi’s drop in performance.

    • If you have your facts straight, there has never been any evidence of David Ortiz using steroids (and he’s been tested many times). Can’t say the same for A-Rod. To suggest that his drop in numbers is permanent is foolish. Did you actually read what I said? In the second half of the 2009 season his HR and RBI numbers actually were better than A-Rod’s. A slump is a slump. Do steroids not work in the postseason and that’s why A-Rod struggled so much there pre-2009?

  3. HouseMasterFlex

    “I would suggest everybody get tested, not random, everybody,” he said. “You go team by team. You test everybody three, four times a year and that’s about it.” And if the test comes back positive? “Ban ‘em for the whole year,” Ortiz said. -David Ortiz (February 16, 2009)

    Smart move Papi, suggest tougher testing policies to get the spot light off your own use….

    • Once again, there is no evidence of Ortiz’s use of steroids. He was told he may have failed a test for a banned substance, of which there are hundreds. He did not dramatcially transform his body or strength in any way ala Barry Bonds or A-Rod. And he promised to release the information as to what he tested positive for as soon as the test results were given to him. What more could you want?

  4. HouseMasterFlex

    His Soul!

  5. A. Rab Money

    if steroids had to do with arods bad playoffs then im glad hes off. why dont we do a comparison of last year’s post season numbers and see whos better then. and if you say arod had more at bats then just take the first series.

    • A-Rod certainly had a better postseason last year, no doubt about it. But Ortiz’s numbers in the playoffs since 2004 are way better, no doubt about it. And as a Yankees fan, you obviously should be counting the longer period of time. If you want to focus on small little time frames to make your argument look better, you could look at World Championships since 2000. Two for the Red Sox and one for the Yankees. But it’s not about that. In history, the Red Sox have only a few championships and the Yankees have a zillion. You got to look at all the relevant time. Which is what this post does. Since A-Rod’s been in New York (2004), Ortiz’s offensive numbers have been almost identicle to A-Rod’s whereas his postseason record is far superior. That, gentlemen, is my point.

      And…..what are you all doing bringing up steroids? How does that make A-Rod look any better in this argument? If anything it hurts him, as he is a known user. Ortiz may be too, and even if he was then the playing field was level. When we find out what it was he failed the test for you better hope its steroids, because if it’s not then he’s an even better hitter than A-Rod. They’d have the same stats while A-Rod was on the juice and Ortiz wasn’t. They won’t even be comparable.

  6. j-bone

    oh and ortiz stole your bike

  7. j-bone

    aaaaand his fat body might not have changed but his number certainly did

    • David Ortiz did not steal my bike, nor did he hide behind his sunglasses. He said head on he did not take steroids and that as soon as the test results are released they will be made public. And his “fat body” didn’t change dramatically ala Clemens, Sosa, A-Rod, Bonds, or Giambi for that matter. Once again, the steroid argument does nothing for A-Rod’s cause, so your points are bordering on irrelevant. Seeing as you seem quite concerned about this, I’ll make sure to do a post on steroids in the near future.

  8. The Devil taught Benji De Acapulco everything he knows about dancing.

  9. pete

    I’m a Yankee fan who always gave Ortiz his due but to suggest that he had no change in body type and no positive drug test means nothing.

    Ortiz’s pre Boston numbers did not resemble the Papi of 2004 through today and A-Rod failed as many drug tests as Ortiz did. The difference is one admitted it and the other lawyered up.

    • I disagree — I think Ortiz’s numbers improved largely due to working with a batting coach with a completely different take on his swing and hitting in front of Manny Ramirez, one of the greatest hitters of our time. The short right field wall in Fenway didn’t hurt either. To suggest he had no change in body type is in fact very correct — A-Rod has gained 45 pounds since his rookie season while Ortiz has maintained his weight throughout his career. Ortiz also did not “lawyer up” — he was the first to say that as soon as MLB told him what he failed a drug test for he would release the information. The problem is, MLB has not told him for legal reasons. You can’t blame that on him.

      • pete

        And A-Rod could have said the same thing since no one legally has access to the test results and anyone who shows physical proof faces prosecution.

        Ortiz was giving GNC excuses way before 2009. Embrace your juicers. Yankee fans have. It’s liberating!

      • Not going to happen. Other supposed steroid users such as A-Rod, McGwire, and Bonds showed dramatic changes in their bodies. Ortiz did not.

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