March Madness Reaches New Heights

I don’t try to make too much out of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, let alone comment on it. I’m a huge college hoops fan but I think bracketology and predictions are nonsense. This thing is way to spastic. Although every year I meet plenty of fans quite confident in their ability to win their office pool, I have never once met somebody who consistently wins those things. Or even comes close, for that matter.

That being said tonight was by far the best night of the tournament in my opinion. My team, Butler (I studied abroad through a Butler program, what of it), beat #1 seeded Syracuse, leaving only Kentucky and Duke as the remaining #1 seeds in the tournament.

Kentucky won, ending Cornell’s cinderella story. You’ve got to give it to the Cornell team — a team of senior white boys, they hung with Kentucky and although they got dunked on a whole bunch they managed to hold Kentucky to only 62 points. It’s a great year anytime any Ivy League team wins a tournament game, let alone makes the Sweet 16 and hangs tough with a #1 seed. Those kids have nothing to feel bad about, that’s for sure.

Last but certainly not least was the Kansas State-Xavier game. This was by far the most exciting game of the tournament with both teams playing all out chaotic basketball throughout the game. Jordan Crawford’s 3-pointer from miles behind the arc to send the game into double OT is a shot not to be forgotten. Although the kid lacks the physical freakishness to fit in on a team like Kentucky, he was the 24th leading scorer in the NCAA this year. That means he’s just flat out good at putting the ball in the hoop. He certainly put his best foot forward tonight regarding the NBA draft. Although K-State won (I’m an A-10 guy), it was one hell of an entertaining game.



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2 responses to “March Madness Reaches New Heights

  1. Teck Money

    Duke is still alive at least until later tonight so KY isn’t the only #1 seed left.

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