Review: Shutter Island

For the first time in months I reached in my wallet, reluctantly pulled out my $8.50, and paid to see a movie. I felt like I had to do it — Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio? Come on. Scorsese is so hot that he’s been referenced in rap  lyrics. Anyways, Scorsese was responsible for the brilliance that is The Departed and DiCaprio has come a long way since Titanic, making such hits as The Beach (I’m only half kidding), The Departed, and Blood Diamond. Let’s face it, the guy turned himself from one of the lamest teen stars since Jonathon Taylor Thomas (aka JTT) into one of the most respected actors out there. In the end, I was happy to have spent the money.

I must admit that I was skeptical about Shutter Island despite its big name director and star. The trailer’s hinted at a more fantastical, dark movie than is typical of Scorsese (albeit a movie about the criminally insane). Throughout the first half of the movie that’s exactly what I thought I had gotten, and frankly I was disappointed. Thankfully my intrigue got the better of me, and by the time Scorsese threw the movie’s sudden twist at me, he had me hook, line, and sinker revealing a deeper and more complex plot than I had originally realized. That is Shutter Island’s appeal.

Ultimately when the credits started rolling, nobody left their seats. Conversation began immediately, as everyone in the theater began asking questions of each other and unraveling the plot. But unlike Lost the answers were all there to be had. Scorsese delivered again, in a big way.


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