Yanks Sox Game 2 Report!

The lovely Heidi Watney


Ah, what a beautiful night for baseball. My first Red Sox game of the year. Fenway has got to be by far the best stadium in MLB for catching a game live. I sat in the 5th row on the first base side, about ten yards away from Heidi Watney. Trust me, she’s even more beautiful in real life. 

As for the game, the bad guys won. The one major question I have is this: What were the Red Sox doing putting Scott Atchison into a one run game when they have an entire fully rested bullpen? I mean Scott Atchison, who is this scrub? Cano promptly jacked one down the right field line off of him — big surprise. It was still a great, extremely entertaining game though. The steak tips and sausages at Fenway are excellent. As is the Coors Light. 

After the first two games of the series, here are my conclusions: 

1. These teams know each other’s starters much to well. They are gonna knock the crap out of each other, both teams getting to the enemies’ bullpen early. This is definitely going to be a great season for this rivalry. 

2. As advertised, the Red Sox need a big bat. You can’t just lose Manny Ramirez, successfully replace him with Jason Bay, then lose Jason Bay and not replace him. I think Dustin Pedroia is going to have a huge year, as is Victor Martinez. But the Sox need another significant bat to compete with the Yankees in producing runs. 

3. The Yankees need some serious bullpen help. They have one lefty in the pen, and he sucks. How can you only have one lefty, and a bad one at that? If they don’t address this issue they are in trouble. I’d look for them to shop Chan Ho Park around in exchange for a lefty to stick in the pen. 

As of now, here are my World Series favorites in order: Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox


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