Masterful Predictions

Thursday April 8 2010 is going to be a glorious day. I’m going to be playing my first round of golf of the season (more on that later), and this scrub named Tiger Woods will be doing the same. The Masters is here.

As for my predictions, we’ll keep in short and sweet. Tiger will finish in the top 10, although he will not win. Here are some players to watch: Camilo Villegas, Ernie Els, Jim Furyk, and Geoff Ogilvy. Sure, I’m not going out on much of a limb with these picks, but the Masters is not the tournament for that. Some amateur or little known professional will play out of their mind with glee for a couple of rounds, but will inevitably fade. If you’re looking for a sleeper I’d go with Fred Couples. If you’re looking for a winner I’d go with Ernie Els. Having already won a British and US Open, this is the one tournament Els wants more than any other. He’s been close before, and he has returned to form a bit this year. That silky smooth putting stoke won’t hurt on the greens.

That’s all I got for you — let’s see what happens.


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