Lost — Will Answers be Found?

Tonight at 9:00pm, a new episode of Lost will air on ABC. After last weeks’ episode, all of the shows faithful followers are now, ironically, even more lost than ever. But this episode is different, as it marks the first of the final five new episodes. In other words, it’s time for some answers to start rolling in.

For those of you who aren’t Lost aficionados, I’ll save you the attempt at explaining all of the island’s mysteries. I can’t do it. Not even close. And I have seen every single episode. The show’s haters note is fantastical plot, citing multiple plane crashes, time travel, multiple groups of people living on the island, a polar bear on a tropical island in the south pacific, and a “smoke monster.” And they are perfectly correct in their assumptions that in some ways, Lost is a stupid show. There is no doubt in my mind that although the island was never meant to be “normal” in any way, the writers also, ironically, lost themselves somewhere in the creation of the plot. I’ll be the first to admit that after watching the first three seasons religiously, I became fed up with the show and started missing episodes with increasing frequency. After hearing that this season would be the shows last, I caught myself up — and I’m glad that I did. And for all the Lost haters out there I have a challenge. Go out and rent the first season of the show. Maybe wait for a rainy day. But I guarantee you that if you commit to watching the first season, you will watch the second season. This many people did not get swallowed into a show without any allure.

As for the diehards, after all these years we have five episodes to go. Maybe like John Locke I have too much faith, maybe I’m grasping at something that isn’t there — but I think the show will go out on top. I’m not looking for answers to all of the island’s mysteries, as there are far to many. But I do think that the show has a premise, a point, or is a metaphor for something meaningful. I’ll be watching hopefully, for if the show’s finale doesn’t live up to the hype Lost may go down as little more than a scam.


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