Beer of the Month — Samuel Smith’s Alpine Lager

The Beer of the Month for April is Samuel Smith’s Alpine Lager. Perhaps my favorite lager, it is not at all a “spring beer.” While I have spent most of this unseasonably warm April catching up on my Summer Ale and Corona consumption, this guy is winning for a simple reason — it’s damn good and I haven’t had one since April 2007. Brewed in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, England, I was first introduced to this beer at the Earl of Lonsdale pub in Notting Hill, London. If you are ever in the area I suggest checking it out — they carry a full selection of Samuel Smith’s beers and are just about the cheapest place to score a pint in one on London’s most pricey neighborhoods (think of getting a Brooklyn lager for $2 in Manhattan). While any good beer store will most likely carry Samuel Smith’s Tadcaster, Oatmeal Stout, or Organic brews, the Alpine Lager has proven to be elusive. If you know of a great beer store take a look for it — it won’t disappoint.



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2 responses to “Beer of the Month — Samuel Smith’s Alpine Lager

  1. A. Rab Money

    never tried this one, but their stout is among my favorites. is there room for beer that isnt lager in this blog. try out the new sam adams seasonal for spring, Noble Pils, very good for a pilsner. light but good flavor for a spring brew.

    • Yes, the stout is quite delicious. There is plenty of room in this blog for beers that are not lagers — I don’t consider two straight months of lagers to be much of a streak, considering lagers are the best selling beers in the world. The noble pils is a wonderful beer, if you happen to be a 15 year old girl and want something that tastes like fruit loops. Thanks for the input though — I’ll be sure to throw something different at you in May.

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