Dispatch — Generally

I concluded tonight that the band Dispatch is definitely cheesy but good. They have a live concert available on Palladia right now. If you commit to it, it’s pretty solid. Thoughts?



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2 responses to “Dispatch — Generally

  1. AdsterG

    I guess I can respect the cheesy comment but I’d also call Dispatch one of most original and stellar bands of all time. I’ve seen these guys a few times including in ’04 at the hat shell and ’07 at Madison square. The ’04 concert broke records for the biggest indi band concert in history with over 100,000 people. Ive never seen Palladia but these guys are usually nasty live. I wouldn’t miss the chance to tune in


  2. Dear Mr. Gomes,

    A comment! Hurray for you! Thanks for the input — the show on Palladia was taped live and definately shows how good they are. Seeing them with 100k people must have been awesome.

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