You Make the Odds….

This is the first of a new category of posts on this blog — we’re calling it You Make the Odds. I’m looking for responses here people — first and foremost, which one of the three occurences is, well, most likely to occur. Then throw some percentages at me and back them up if you like. Here are this post’s contenders:

1) Colt McCoy is an NFL starter in two years and goes on to have an illustrious NFL career. We’re talking not legend status, but probably making a Pro Bowl or two and winning a Super Bowl.

2) The Celtics win their 18th NBA championship this season.

3) The Red Sox make the playoffs this year.

Which one is most likely to occur? I’ll take the Red Sox making the playoffs, but not by much. I give Colt a 35% chance of being a NFL stud, the Red Sox a 50% chance of making the playoffs, and the Celtics a 10% chance of winning the championship. I think that the Rays are far better than I anticipated, and the Red Sox lack of offense is hurting them in the AL East even more than I thought it would. I think it will still be them or the Rays who snag the Wild Card, although it will be a toss-up. The Celtics are just to damn old now — KG in particular isn’t the player he used to be. But I think Colt should feel disrespected by being selected 85th in the NFL draft. He is the winningest college quarterback ever and put up some ridiculous passing numbers. Yeah, he’s a bit small and weak but come on — his name is Colt McCoy.



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7 responses to “You Make the Odds….

  1. A. Rab Money

    I say the one with the best odds is the red sox making the playoffs, though at this point i would not put it as high as 50%. The baseball season is long and i expect the sox to turn it around and play better, as well as make some moves to help the line-up issues. the question is will they do this before its too late? Colt mccoy went to the browns who i think will start him earlier than 2 years form now, but being on the browns will make it tough to be a solid qb. the celtics clearly just dont have it anymore and in my eyes have a 5% chance of winning it all, and i only give them that cuz they are in the playoffs already and up 3-1 on the heat.

  2. A fair assessment on all accounts, I’d say, although I don’t 100% agree.

  3. j-bone

    shockingly i am going to agree with you here ace

  4. Teck Money

    I thinks C’s winning it all is higher probability then Colt being a good QB. C’s have looked better in the playoffs then they did all season…and Lebron looks to be a little banged up. I’d say C’s most likely then Sox then Colt

    • I agree with you — much has changed since this post was written in terms of Lebron’s injury. I knew the Celts would look much better — they are a team of veterans who have won before, meaning the don’t care about the regular season.

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