A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Today, is a day, that will live in Infamy. It marks a major milestone in American history — certainly a monumental day in this age of technology. After about 14 years of use, I finally removed AOL Instant Messenger from my computer.

Anybody who knows me is aware of my aversion to Facebook — I was one of the few who survived that trap. But when you think about it, for most of us online communication really began with AOL Instant Messenger. As a 10-year old I first signed on to AOL 3.1 and heard the now famous “You’ve Got Mail” message. Instant messenger soon became my main method of communication with my friends when we were not together. I flirted with girls throughout high school on AIM (how suave), dabbled in a chat room or two, and spent countless hours blinging nonsense back and forth with friends when I should have been doing my homework. One time I even agreed to meet a girl at a local baseball field to make out — it would have been my first kiss but I hid in the woods with my bike and watched her arrive then rode off. In retrospect it was a cruel move on my part, leaving her stranded on the infield by herself. But now I can simply blame AIM for the arrangement.

In the last couple of years I simply have not used AIM. I realized that it was time to remove the program from my computer, which seemed to shed a tear as I double clicked on “remove program.” To me the removal was symbolic — if I’m removing AIM, chances are most of America already has. Google has taken over my world, and I suppose I’m ok with that. Google seems to rule all, but AIM had a decade plus in the sun. You were good to me AIM. RIP.


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