Beer of the Month — Sierra Nevada Summerfest

The Beer of the Month for May is Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest. A pilsner style beer, it is both more full bodied and flavorful than most “summer style” beers. This makes it a great transition beer to sandwich between the winter and summer seasons. While May to me is all about catching up on Corona’s and Sam Adams Summer Ale, they are too generic to win the BOTM (Beer of the Month) award. While this beer isn’t too far off the beaten path, it’s one of Sierra Nevada’s best. Runners-up for May include Redhook Cooperhook Spring Ale (holla to New Hampshire) and Sam Adams Coastal Wheat.



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6 responses to “Beer of the Month — Sierra Nevada Summerfest

  1. A. Rab Money

    another lager, thats different… how about a nice pale ale. a great beer for the spring summer season is blue point blueberry ale. while im not a big fan of the fruity beers, this one has great aroma and just a slight taste of blueberry. i suggest you try it.

  2. J. Pan Money

    How about some Japanese beers. Some of those are pretty tasty.

  3. J. Pan Money

    Two. “Yebisu Premium” and “Kirin Ichiban Shibori”

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