Mayweather vs. Pacquiao — Now!

With Floyd Mayweather defeating Shane Mosley last week, the world found out what it already knew — that Mayweather is a better fighter. All that came out of the fight for me was frustration. I will not Pay-Per-View any fights until the sport of boxing and it’s fans get what they deserve — the long-awaited Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather fight. This epic matchup seemed poised to happen on several occasions, but always manages to fizzle out. The problem now is this — both fighters are now arguably beyond their prime (Mayweather is 33, Pacquiao 31). Rumors are swirling once again that the fight will happen, supposedly sometime in October or November 2010. For this fight to be significant, it has to happen then if not sooner. Let them battle at their best, before it’s too late.

Pacquiao (51-3-2, 38 KO’s) is generally regarded as the best pound for pound fighter in boxing, but Mayweather (41-0, 25 KO’s) is undeniably quicker and has never been beaten. Let’s  hope for boxing’s sake this fight happens before it’s too late. My money is on Pacquiao. Who you got?



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4 responses to “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao — Now!

  1. AdsterG

    First of all, Mayweather is all about the money…he says it himself. Sort of like the Jay-z of boxing, he’ll make the decision which ultimately makes him the most profit, even if it means continuously postponing a match. As for the fight, no doubt if Pacquiao had a couple more pounds on him, he’d easily take it to Mayweather. But Floyd is much bigger with at least 15 pounds over Manny, giving him the edge.

  2. I agree Floyd is all about the money, but he’s afraid of Pacquiao.

  3. Alan

    It doesn’t matter who is a better boxer anymore. Pacquiao just became a member of Congress in the Phillipines, making him an actual, legitimate, useful member of the world community. Boxer’s glory fades, especially loud mouthed, self proclaimed prophetic, friend’s of 50 cent’s….But governmental/political change can last in the tomes of history forever…

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