Lost Writers Say Show Is All About Redemption

The two writers who created ABC’s “LOST” were interviewed by the New York Times and provided a great deal of commentary into the show’s meaning and creation — great insights as we approach Sunday night’s epic conclusion of the series. Perhaps most striking was the writers’ admission that Mr. Eko, who left the show early on, was supposed to be a pivotal player in the show’s conclusion. But most important was there commentary on the show’s deeper meanings — and as many suspected it appears to be all about redemption. Here’s what they had to say:

“If there’s one word that we keep coming back to, it’s redemption. It is that idea of everybody has something to be redeemed for and the idea that redemption doesn’t necessarily come from anywhere else other than internally. But in order to redeem yourself, you can only do it through a community. So the redemption theme started to kind of connect into “live together, die alone,” which is that these people were all lone wolves who were complete strangers on an aircraft, even the ones who were flying together like Sun and Jin. Then let’s bring them together and through their experiences together allow themselves to be redeemed. When the show is firing on all pistons, that’s the kind of storytelling that we’re doing.”

To read the full interview, click here: http://nyti.ms/b1JSNa.


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