LOST No More

After five consecutive hours of television last night, ABC’s “LOST” finally drew to and end. Jack , the new Jacob, and Locke, the man in black, battled it out in an awesome scene on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Hurley became the new protector of the island. And in the end, Lost was a show about the relationships between the characters. These people had turbulent pasts, and the mysteries of the island pushed them to new limits. For many of them the island provided a fresh slate — a place free of their past to seek some sort of redemption. Sure, they were stranded on an island full of strange happenings and intrigue, but the message I found was that everybody finds there place in the world and in the end we are all together regardless of the past. When “LOST” flashed on the screen a final time, I was sad.

No, I don’t think the final episode gave everybody the answers they were looking for. It wasn’t quite as epic I would have liked. But in nearly all ways, it was a happy ending for each of the characters. After investing six years in the show, you certainly come to care about many of the characters — and for that reason I was happy for them.

I’ll certainly miss watching them all run through the jungle and having no idea what is going on. LOST, afterall, was very entertaining.


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