Magic Work Celts, Perkins Wrongfully Ejected

The Celtics got worked by the Magic last night, as Jameer Nelson went nuts from behind the arc, Dwight Howard threw down some nasty dunks, and even J.J. Redick got hot for a stretch. The Magic offense was hitting on all cylinders for sure.

In a bizarre game that was called horribly both ways, “Big Baby” got a concussion and was so shaken up he fell over. But an even bigger loss was Kendrick Perkins, who was called for 2 technical fouls — the second of which was the worst technical call I have ever seen. I expected you’ll see the second “T” if not both of them rescinded today — if not the Celtics are in big trouble as they’ll be without Perkins for game 6 if he gets suspended a game for accumulating 7 technicals in the playoffs. Perkins, who didn’t commit any foul whatsoever, even walked away from the ref after the call was made yet still was “T’d” up.

Either way, this series just got a whole lot more interesting.



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5 responses to “Magic Work Celts, Perkins Wrongfully Ejected

  1. A. Rab Money

    best part of the game was seeing big baby k.o.’ed by superman. he really had no clue where he was after that. in regards to perkins getting t’ed up i did not see any of it but heard about it. my take is that even though he walked away im sure he said something to the ref that he wasnt going to let slide. you do see this from time to time in the nba as officiating is notoriously bad form year to year, it will be sad though if it greatly affects the outcome of this series.

  2. Yea Big Baby certainly got worked. Perkins really didn’t appear to do anything or say much of anything — I think the NBA has to do away with his second technical at least. If they have to play without him it will make a huge difference in this series — someone who can effectively guard Dwight Howard is tough to come by.

    • j-bone

      as he walked away he said that was bullshit man and kinda through his arm, i dont think the ref heard him but called it on the arm throw. it was bullshit though, rightfull taken away

  3. j-bone

    i meant threw his arm, at points i think i might actually not be so high functioning

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