Breaking Best?

This week’s episode of Breaking Bad took the show to a whole new level. In what the Los Angeles Times calls “The best show on TV,” the second to last episode of the 3rd season was much better than say, the final espisode of LOST. If you haven’t already checked it out, do so. The season finale is this Sunday at 10:00pm on AMC.



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2 responses to “Breaking Best?

  1. Falski

    Awesome show. Incredible ending to season 3. Breaking Bad has really transformed their characters over the past 3 seasons and more in one season than most shows. We see major transformations from Walt and Jesse. Walt at the end of season 3 fully becomes Heisenberg and the look on Mikes face is one of, “omg who is this man?”. Jesse is devastated after his girlfriend dies and finally crosses the line in the last part of the season. We see that Walt is willing to do whatever it takes for his family and now his business.

    In total there were 1.6 million viewers, up 17% from last year, meaning its gaining a hell of alot of traction.

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