Red Sox Draft Class is “Absurd”

According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Red Sox draft class is the best in baseball. They took two big bats and 6’7″ pitcher Anthony Ranaudo, getting what Olney calls an “absurd” value. Love it.



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10 responses to “Red Sox Draft Class is “Absurd”

  1. j-bone

    really the propaganda machine that is the red sox scouts did a great job again? i cant believe that. justin masterson that guy is simply lighting it up in cleveland, clay buckles stud, david murphy can not miss.

    • Buster Olney is not a Red Sox scout is he? I’m pretty sure your boy Clay is 8-3 with a 2.39 ERA this year. And he gets paid $443,000. I hate him, he’s a punk, and his abilities went to his head early in his career, but I think he’s past that now. Masterson pitched well when he was on the Sox, I was sad to see him go. He has stunk since. I’m pretty sure a few other guys this “propaganda machine” talked up go by the names of Youkilis and Pedroia….I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you. The Yankees don’t need to keep pace in the draft — they’ll just go out and pay whoever they need to $15 mil a year.

  2. j-bone

    yes and you spend the second most, thats like pam anderson ragging on dolly partons fake tits. The yankees dynasty was homegrown players for the most part, and they “struggled” when they spent alot on everyone. if you look at it now of the starting nine we probably have as much home grown as you do. the yankees spend the most because they make the most, simply business. coke spends the most on ads because they make the most on sales, crying about money is just sour grapes because there is nothing stopping you from giving mark teixeira the exta ten million, just didnt want to go the extra mile

    • There is something stopping us from spending as much… you put it, it’s simple business — we don’t have as much to spend so that 10 mil effectively costs us more than it does for you. You spend a huge deal every year more which is the problem — the playing field isn’t level. If I offered you a 40% pay increase you’d work for me as opposed to someone else, wouldn’t you? I think baseball should do more to level the playing field — yes it’s big business, but as a fan that’s not what’s best for the game.

  3. j-bone

    you mean to tell me that the red sox do not have 10 million dollars to spend, that they were 100 percent tapped out heading into last season, then somehow found the money in the piggy bank to sign a bunch this year, what changed? they win the lottery? the yankees are making the money because they invested into winning and media. we didnt spend a huge deal at all this year, that was your team

    • 2010 Team Payrolls
      No. Team Payroll Average
      1. New York Yankees $206,333,389 $8,253,336
      2. Boston Red Sox $162,747,333 $5,611,977
      3. Chicago Cubs $146,859,000 $5,439,222
      4. Phil Phillies $141,927,381 $5,068,835
      5. New York Mets $132,701,445 $5,103,902
      6. Detroit Tigers $122,864,929 $4,550,553
      7. Chicago White Sox $108,273,197 $4,164,354
      8. Los Angeles Angels $105,013,667 $3,621,161
      9. Seattle Mariners $98,376,667 $3,513,452

      Don’t be silly.

      • j-bone

        yeah and the red sox spent 121,747 in 2009 putting 41 million on this year. last year after all the bitching about buying a championship the yankees dropped 8 million. i am not saying that they dont spend the most, they do, your fancy chart showed that. what i am saying is that it is a very convenient argument that was screamed about last year but the red sox in a rebuilding year add 40 million but yeah they are all prospects

      • They are not ALL prospects, I agree.

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