Game 4 Report

In a game that was a nail-biter despite the final score, the Celtics reserves flat-out came to play in the 4th quarter to win this one. On a team filled with stars, Glen Davis led the way followed by Nate Robinson (despite a stupid technical on his behalf). Of course Rasheed had a “T” as well. The win evens the series, but I’m still having a hard time feeling optimistic about the Celtics’ chances in this series.


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2 responses to “Game 4 Report

  1. Really good blog man! Can you check out mine? cuz I really wanna your opinion about my thoughts.

    • Hey Chris. I’m glad you like it. Keep reading and shoot people my way — I’ll do the same for you. I’m out of town tonight but I’ll check you out and be in touch soon. Thanks,


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