Kudos to the Mass State Police

Let me start by saying this — look at this kid. What a little turd. He is not worthy of the space, the words, or the letters I am using on him here. But my 23-year-old girlfriend is in love with this 15-year-old, so I dare to type on.

For those of you who don’t know him, this is Justin Beiber. He has a hit song with the teeny boppers called (big surprise) “Baby Ohhhh, Baby Nooo!” What an idiot. While I must admit, Justin Timberlake was a bit suspect at this age as well, this kid is no JT. I can feel it. I am an industry insider. This kid is way to soft and cheesy for 13-year old girls to worship. Whatever happened to liking the bad boy?

The good news is, he’s trying. The good little baby Beiber got himself in trouble this weekend, hours before he was set to open for Taylor Swift. He was at Patriots Place cinema in Foxboro, Mass, when he decided to sneak into the 21+ section of the movie theater where drinking is allowed. This kid looks like he’s 7 (see above), so I’m happy to report he was promptly kicked out. I wonder if he shouted, “Baby NOOOOO!” in a whiny little voice as he was dragged out.

Go back to the sandbox, you Beiber baby.


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