NBA Finals Conclusion — Damn It!

So I predicted the Celtics would lose. And they did. And I don’t feel a single ounce better about it, because they played so well that for most of the game I thought they had a better than 50% chance of winning. This loss is certainly a tough one to swallow. Especially tough, because for the most part Kobe Bryant sucked. I thought if we lost, it would be mostly Kobe’s fault. And it wasn’t. The Celtics simply didn’t make enough shots — especially Ray Allen, my favorite player. Paul Pierce, to his credit, played like a champion. But for the Celtics to lose — playing that well and without Kobe beating them — a tough one for sure. One of those loses where I’ll wake up tomorrow and immediately remember and feel like hell about it.



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2 responses to “NBA Finals Conclusion — Damn It!

  1. j-bone

    you blaming the refs like the rest of boston?

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