A.L. East — World War Three

As of last night, when I was thinking about writing this post, the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays had the three best records in all of major league baseball. As of this morning, that got shaken up just a bit — with John Lester losing for the first time since April. Here are the best records in baseball:

Yankees: .620 Winning %, Rays .600, Texas, .600, Red Sox .597

Now I’m not even going to point out that these are all American League teams — that would sound too much like NL bashing, which fans of NL teams so valiantly argue against. I mean, look at all the championships the NL wins! But these stats are more than telling — the three best teams in baseball do play in the same division.

The fact that these three teams have to play each other the amount that they do, goes to show that these winning percentages are in fact relatively low. Each of these three teams consistently has to play the other 2 best teams in the game — that’s got to account for a winning percentage at least .50 lower than it would be if these teams played in another division.

I will say that the despite the rough patch the Phillies have gone through, they are still a good team. But all the yelling from NL teams and those bums in Philadelphia in particular is somewhat ridiculous. Just look at the standings and you can figure out for yourself where the power is.



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4 responses to “A.L. East — World War Three

  1. A. Rab Money

    True the AL has the better teams, specifically the AL East. Just wanted to point out that the Yankees have actually won 27 championships. The image you used is outdated. It just proves your point even more about the AL.

  2. I knew someone would pick up on that — I couldn’t find a more recent image with all 3 team logos. The Yankees are lame.

  3. Teck

    Phillies are better then all of those teams put together…

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