Michael Jordan. Versus Kobe Bryant

Let me start this post by directing your attention to the title of this post. Let’s make one thing clear — the names Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant don’t belong in the same sentence.

I initially thought that the problem with the Celtics losing the NBA Finals was that, well, the Celtics lost the NBA Finals. But in the few days since that loss, I have quickly come to realize that there is another horrible consequence of the loss — the Michael Jordan. Versus Kobe Bryant comparison is now happening even more than ever. With Michael having 6 NBA Championships and Kobe just capturing his 5th, of course I see why this comparison is happening. Those are the most important numbers, no doubt about. Let’s also take a look at some other stats. While Kobe still has some seasons left in him, both players have played roughly 14 seasons at present.

Points: Jordan 30.1ppg, Kobe 25.3ppg

FG%: Jordan .497, Kobe .455

MVP’s: Jordan 5, Kobe 1

Height: Jordan 6’6″, Kobe 6’6″

You’d have to say advantage to Jordan here as well, although these numbers aren’t super important to this argument. Many critics will then look to aspects of the players such as mental toughness, competitiveness, and drive. Let’s face it — both of these guys are proven closers and heartless competitors. They are both tough as nails. But I’d still give the edge to Jordan.

Perhaps the most overlooked argument in this comparison is the fact that Bryant won three of his NBA Championships with Shaq on his team — arguably the most dominant center of all time. Jordan never played with anybody even close to Shaq’s caliber, let alone a dominant center.

But to me, the argument really comes down to this. Imagine if you could step into the body of both players and feel what it would be like to be them. Sure, Kobe will have some awesome drives and make some impossibly tough shots. But the things that Jordan would do would feel that much more spectacular.

If you don’t believe me, I suggest you watch this video:  http://bit.ly/cnxUew

Jordan is the only guy I know who can make an earring look cool. Plus, his shoes are better and he’s boys with Tiger.


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11 responses to “Michael Jordan. Versus Kobe Bryant

  1. A. Rab Money

    there really is no comparison right now between the 2. if kobe were to win a couple more rings before hes done then maybe we could start to compare them closely. right now jordan has 5 mvp’s, which dwarfs kobe’s 1, and at this point in his career kobe isnt winning another 4 of those. and second, kobe does not have 5 rings without his team finishing game 7 in the most recent finals. he tried to and simply didnt have it that night, where as jordan never needed his team to carry him. even with the flu he was playing out of his mind in crucial playoff games. i agree that this comparison needs to stop being discussed unless kobe wins a few more rings.

    • For sure. I agree that Jordan. never really needed him team to carry him, whereas Kobe was carried in a game 7 nonetheless. I hate the comparison for now, although Kobe still has a lot of basketball left in him. But young Jordan will always be master of young Kobe. For now, people should waste there time comparing more deserving players to Michael Jordan — like Glen Rice and Khalid El-Amin.

      • A. Rab Money

        well thats not contest, we all know el-amin was an all world player, especially when he made that fade away in the ncaa championship to beat duke, and glen rice had a sweeter jumper than jesus himself (that is jesus shuttlesworth of course)

  2. El-Amin rules. If I could be any man it would be Glen Rice, and not even I think his jumper is sweeter than Ray Ray’s though.

  3. Teck

    This is a ridiculous argument and im in in total agreement that they dont even belong in the same sentence. While Kobe was on a tear throughout the playoffs he was dreadful in game 7 (never would happen with Jordan.) Secondly look at the Lakers records from 2000-2010

    2009-2010 57 25
    2008-2009 65 17
    2007-2008 57 25
    2006-2007 42 40
    2005-2006 45 37
    2004-2005 34 48
    2003-2004 56 26
    2002-2003 50 32
    2001-2002 58 24

    Jordan never would not have stood for that three year stretch. In 05-06 they made the playoffs had the suns down 3-1 and ended up losing in game 7 and in 06-07 they started well and ended up losing 27 of their last 43 games and lost to suns in the playoffs 4-1. Even if Kobe gets more rings we can still play the “what if” game and say what if jordan came to the league at 18 and also what if he didnt take his two year sabatical.

    F$%# Kobe and the lakers they didnt win this last championship because of him they won it in spite of him

    • Wow, someone actually backed a comment up with some statistics! I like it — good work Tim. I agree Jordan would have always demanded more in the regular season and would have made it happen, no matter what, in the playoffs. See Jordan — Malone — Steal — Swish.

  4. Teck

    My pleasure Geoffrey…i always relish an opportunity to take Kobe down a peg or two…people need to know that he will never. NEVER be as good as Jordan.

  5. bearhunterfl

    How can we even consider Kobe in the same league as M.J. Kobe can’t say he has starred in a movie with Looney Tunes characters (tongue in cheek). But seriously, Jordan has a popularity that transcends the sports world and earns him a permanent position of celebrity. Does anyone really like Kobe outside of Los Angeles?…..probably a pretty small number compared to those who like and admire Michael Jordan. Even if Kobe surpasses Michael by any technical measure or statistic, I’d still call Michael the most legendary basketball player of my generation!

    • No matter what, Michael Jordan will always be the most legendary player of our generation. I really think that. No matter the popularity Kobe and Lebron have achieved, they are not even close. That being said, Michael Jordan’s popularity/marketability does not have anything to do with comparing these two as players. I believe in the validity of statistics, and at this point Michael’s got Kobe whooped in that department as well.

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