Ortiz Wins Home Run Derby Crown — A Beast As Always

It has long been known to Boston fans that David Ortiz eats babies — and he proved last night that despite unwarranted criticism from New York fans trying to make themselves feel better about A-Rod, he’s got as much power as ever. Ortiz slugged 32 home runs to win the 2010 Home Run Derby crown, displaying  power that has led him 18 home runs, 57 RBI’s, and a .263 average this season. As for A-Rod, he’s at .269, 14 HR’s, and 70 RBI’s. A-Rod’s numbers have also come while playing 8 more games and earning $20 million more than Ortiz — this season.

Let’s now take a look at a comment from a New York fan (there are many), in response to my David Ortiz vs. A-Rod post in March.

“as an avid yankee fan, a reasonable one of course, i think Papi’s “off” year last year was due to the fact that he took steroids came out and he there fore was no longer on the juice. As everyone knows last year was also A-rods first year playing after being outed as a steroid user and he seemed fine. We will see this year if this plays a part in Papi’s drop in performance.”

Looks like we’ve seen, looks like you were wrong. Sorry.


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16 responses to “Ortiz Wins Home Run Derby Crown — A Beast As Always

  1. J-bone

    I am pretty sure it was the Red Sox fans demanding the trades for Ortiz and Dice-k earlier in the season screaming how he was done. Yes I know everytime something bad happens in Boston somehow New York is to blame, but it wasnt one thousand New Yorkers screaming and yelling for Ortiz for Adrian Gonzalez straight up or a bunch of New York writers ghost writing in the Boston Globe about how he was done and had a great run.

    • This Red Sox fan for one never mentioned, even in passing, the idea of ever getting rid of Ortiz. Everyone wanted Adrian Gonzalez, but most wanted him to replace Jason Bay — not David Ortiz. Ortiz is far from done and is as key to the Red Sox success as anyone. Nothing bad is happening in Boston (except lots of injuries) and no, New York is not to blame for any of it.

      • J-bone

        You can go check the Boston Globe archive for March and the comments section for those said sky is falling get Ortiz out of town fans.

      • I’m sure there are plenty of fans who said that, but there are idiots everywhere — including New York and Boston. Just look at John, saying that Ortiz was washed up.

  2. J-bone

    So lets get this straight, Ortiz has less RBI and a lower average but is declared the winner?

    • Gosh, sometime you are like a child — must I break everything down for you? I weep for your own children. Anyways, here’s how I see it. In terms of batting average, A-Rod is .006 higher — I consider this largely a push, especially considering Ortiz’s average is actually on a tear after his dismal first month of the season. Ortiz wins in home runs by 4, which is significant. A-Rod wins is RBI’s by 13, which is significant. Considering A-Rod is has played 8 more games in the first half of the season (significant) and earns $20 million more this year (significant), I’ll take Ortiz’s offensive production. But it’s not really even about that. It’s about the previous whining by A-Rod fans about how Ortiz would be washed up now that he’s off the steroids you all seem to know he took. He’s not washed up. Not one bit.

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  4. J-bone

    Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. You decided to make a whole blog post about New Yorkers because of one fans comments in March?

    A-Rod plays in 8 more games because he is able to play the field. He does not need to sacrifice his spot when someone needs a break. In terms of money as mentioned Ortiz only plays half a game, significant, how much money is A-Rods glove worth, 5 mil? 10? Another thing that goes into how much money you receive is production

    A-Rod 2007- Avg. .314 HR- 54 RBI 156
    2008- Avg. .302 HR- 35 RBI- 105
    2009- Avg. .314 HR- 30 RBI- 100

    Ortiz 2007- Avg. .332 HR- 35 RBI 117
    2008- Avg. .264 HR- 23 RBI 86
    2009- Avg. .238 HR- 28 RBI- 99

    Arod is more productive 8 out of those 9 times and by the way played 26 less games last year and still put up better numbers.

    He gets more money because he is a better baseball player, significant.

    • The post was not based on one comment, it was based on many. The previous article also takes those numbers you posted farther back, making them much more relevant. Sure, he plays the field. Both posts are about offensive production. Should he make more for playing the field? Of course. But $33 million versus $13 million is absurd — you have to be a brick to not realize that.

  5. I gotta be honest here. I really have wanted to hate Big Papi after it came out that he was on the juice, but the guy is just so difficult to hate. He’s too lovable. Like a big teddy bear.

    • He is a very lovable man. But, it never came out that he was “on the juice.” It came out that he failed a drug test. Could have been marijuana, could have been some other supplement. The thing that’s great about Ortiz, is he said since day one he will make it public what he failed the test for as soon as MLB tells him. It’s also telling that he never completely changed shape and size, ala A-Rod and especially Barry Bonds.

  6. J-bonr

    So are you saying A-Rod is not worth the money or Ortiz should be paid more?

    • I generally think athletes get paid to much. I’d say give Ortiz his $13 mil, give A-Rod $18 mil — maybe up to $20 mil. At the end of the day, the Yankees are paying for his bat not his glove. While Ortiz isn’t paid for his glove, he should be paid more due to his clutchness in the playoffs.

  7. A. Rab Money

    A rod is certainly over paid, as are many of the yankee players due to the George Steinbrenner way of doing business. Either way he is worth it, and Papi would then be as well. I did say those things and you even have to admit that after an abysmal start last year, and another this year, in conjunction with injury problems, a sure sign of steroid use, it looked as if Papi was finished. I give him a credit for turning it around. With the re-emergence of pitching this year though, and Papi being strictly a DH, it will be interesting to see how the red sox handle his option for next year, and if they agree to a long term extension like he is asking for. In my opinion he will re-sign with the sox for 2-3 years at around $7 mil/year.

    • WOW! All around the most sensical comment ever from A-Rab money. I don’t think any player is worth $33 mil. I’d like to see the Sox resign Ortiz for 2 years at $22 mil or 3 years at $30 mil.

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