Film Review — Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception

My head hurts, but I have a smile on my face. Inception my not have 100% lived up to the hype, but I definitely liked it a lot. In the third grade I would have been beaten up at recess for saying this, but I would now rather go to a Leonardo Dicaprio movie than pretty much any other actor’s film. Except maybe Mark Wahlberg.

The concepts presented in Inception were super cool, creative, and provocative. The special effects were pretty damn awesome as well — the flipping of the world upside down as shown in the trailers was absolutely as cool as advertised. That being said, the movie presents a lot, too much even, in the different “layers” of the dreams. I had a hard time putting the whole thing together to my satisfaction. I felt that while Shutter Island was similar in this way, it gave me just enough to make myself content — Inception gives me just a bit too little, but that’s just about my only criticism.

About 2/3 of the way through the movie I realized that in the end, the major question would be “Was it all a dream?” I probably should have realized that from the get-go — sometimes I’m a bit of an idiot. That being said, the final scene of the movie — the top spinning on the table — really made the movie for me. If that scene hadn’t occurred, I wouldn’t have been satisfied — because it did, I was.

This movie contains some pretty awesome humor at points as well, which was nice. I know that tomorrow I’ll be spontaneously cracking up as I walk to work inverting and manipulating the streets and buildings of Boston in my mind.



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8 responses to “Film Review — Leonardo DiCaprio’s Inception

  1. I love Leanardo Dicaprio but I’d like to see him to a lighter film at some point again cuz he hasn’t done one since I believe catch me if you can, which I absolutely loved. So you recommend this one for sure?

  2. Teck Money

    Luckily i’ve seen this movie before reading this review…but you should definitely put up a spoiler alert at the top of the review so people who havent seen it dont read about the ending.

    I really enjoyed the movie as well and it really makes you think and discuss the movie afterwards. Thats always the sign of a great movie, when you cant stop talking about it.

    • Teck,
      I agree — conversation is the sign of a great movie — but I think this movie stirs a bit too much conversation by not giving you quite enough information or making enough connections. I thought about adding a spoiler warning, but I don’t think I included much that will spoil anything. A top spinning on a table means nothing to anyone, you know?

  3. Yeah i agree, I have no idea what he’s talking about except with the part that had to do with what I saw in the trailer on TV lol

  4. Teck

    well if you read this prior to the movie as soon as he mentions the reason for the totem…the ending would be given away. But honestly i couldnt care less…saw the movie again last night, thought it was great and enjoyable even for a second viewing….you notice all the subtle things you miss the first time around

    • I didn’t say what the top does though, so even at that point in the movie the ending wouldn’t be given away. I’d like a second viewing as well.

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