Movie Trailer: Ben Affleck’s “The Town”

Check out this trailer for Ben Affleck’s The Town. A real Boston Ben Affleck movie — big surprise. However, this one is from the director of Gone Baby Gone and the studio that brought us The Departed. That’s a damn good start in my book, and the trailer looks great. Comes out September 10th. I’ll be going.



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6 responses to “Movie Trailer: Ben Affleck’s “The Town”

  1. Teck

    saw this preview as well…think it looks pretty good. Love the fact that Don Draper is in the movie hes awesome. Yea Ben affleck in boston has been done before but, im gonna give him thebenefit of the doubt hes made some pretty good movies recently so this is def on my list to see.

    • I don’t know who Don Draper is, as I’ve only seen 14 movies in my entire life. DVD’s are just coming out in New Hampshire, replacing VHS. The only VHS I owned was called “The Firm” — an aerobics tape that my mom gave me. But this movie looks legit to me.

  2. teck

    Don Draper is the main character from Mad Men…which is a phenomenal show which you would truly enjoy Geoff

  3. I’ve heard that before, thanks for the recommendation. Just to be realistic, there is a 1 in 10 chance that I ever see it.

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