Bengals Versus Red Sox….You Make the Odds

Chad Ocho Cinco, Terrell Owens

Here we go, you’re making the odds…….

What are the odds that the Boston Red Sox make the playoffs this season, versus the newly retooled Bengals making the AFC championship game? The Red Sox are finally beginning to get some of their injured players back, although they are still missing two crucial pieces in Jacoby Ellsbury and Dustin Pedroia. They are currently 4.5 games behind the wild card leading Tampa Bay Rays. The Bengals now have Carson Palmer throwing the ball to either Ocho Cinco or Terrell Owens — if he’s not handing it off to Cedric Benson. How do you defend against that?

I’d say the odds of the Sox making the playoffs are 45% — I expect them to get key players back soon and make a significant push. They still have the best pitching in baseball, have not been known to quit on seasons, and I think they have plenty of time still. Everyone in Boston seems to be writing them off, but come on people, they still have more than two full months. That’s plenty of time to make up 4.5 games. Best of all, they are ending the season playing the Yankees (who will be in the playoffs for sure). You know that if the Sox are in a do or die situation, that series will have amazing electricity.

As for the Bengals, I have no idea how you defend against them. But honestly, I don’t know a whole lot about their defense. I give them a 33% chance of making the AFC title game.

Advantage, Red Sox.


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6 responses to “Bengals Versus Red Sox….You Make the Odds

  1. j-bone

    I agree that the red sox probably have a higher percentage than the bengals, the bengals are in a real tough division with alot of buzz behind the ravens and pittsburgh is always dangerous. They would also have to beat a team like the chargers or colts to get there. However i think putting the red sox playoff hopes at just under 50% is a little high. First of all they are 5.5 games back, not a huge difference but an additonal game they have to gain. I agree that the series will be electric but I do not see that as a benefit to the Red Sox, the Yankees could still be battling for home field and the Rays for the division so they might still be playing. The Rays finish the season with 9 games against the Royals, Orioles, and Mariners

    • Good info — damn the Rays. I don’t think playing the Yankees in the last series of the season is a benefit, I just think it’s cool. Which may be dumb. But it’ll be fun if it comes down to that.

  2. I agree with J-bone. Boston has a better shot, but the Rays are just too good. They get the Wild Card. Not to mention yesterday’s acquisitions of Berkman and Wood show the Yankee’s are out for blood. I think Berkman was an excellent pick-up and moving Swish to bat 6th will benefit the lineup. Boston just won’t be able to compete. I understand the hype about T.O. and Ochocinco, but lets face it, they are on the downside of their careers. I think J-Bone is right about Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Plus, we have yet to see how the two of them get along.

    • I think the Berkman and Kerry Wood pickups were solid, but they don’t worry me all that much. The Yankees are good enough as it is, these guys won’t be huge difference makers. The Red Sox had a couple of good wins, highlighted by a David Ortiz walk off on Saturday (I was at the game and left early, god damn it). It’s good to see them moving in the right direction and picking up some momentum — but they are still 6.5 games behind the Rays — so you might be right. TO and Ocho Cinco are on the downside of their careers, but you still can’t match up with them and they have a great QB throwing to them. They’ll get along fine.

  3. I don’t mean to be a Sox hater, but I just can’t see them in the playoffs with the way the Yanks and Rays are playing. I don’t think I really paid attention to just how good the Rays are. Crawford is phenomenal. Where he ends up next season is the big question.

    I’m still on the fence about T.O. and Chad. You are right about Palmer. I’ll give you that.

    P.S. I’m adding your blog to my links page.

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