A-Rod Hits 600th Home Run*


Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th* home run today, furthering his spoiling of all that is sacred in terms of career home run numbers. Let’s make one thing very clear — Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, and Ken Griffey Jr. are the only players truly in the 600 home run club. Remember the electricity you feel when you watch video of Aaron breaking Babe Ruth’s record? It’s sad to know that same feeling won’t emanate if A-Roid one day hits his 763rd home run. He stole that moment from baseball. He is a disgrace to the game.

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33 responses to “A-Rod Hits 600th Home Run*

  1. j-bone

    I would say the league is a disgrace to the game. I also think the venom towards a-rod is a little overblown. The message being sent is that if you cheated you better not say anything about it. Continue you life of lies and secrets. Don’t come clean because people will call you a disgrace and put * next to everything that you do. You are much better off making lame excuses and not talking about it, and I dont think that is the right way to treat it.

    • I don’t think that’s the right way to treat it either, but I don’t think “the league” is a disgrace to the game. Most players did not use any banned substance.

  2. A. Rab Money

    is there any way to prove that he would not have hit all these homeruns without the steroids? Of course he cheated and that leaves a mark on his accomplishments, but there is no way of proving he could not have done it without them. Im not trying to defend him, just posing an arguement, which really can be applied to any of the steroid users. They were or are great hitters without the juice and could have possibly done the same thing without it.

    • j-bone

      No players took any banned substances because there were no banned substances, that is a league issue. How many people took what is now a banned substance can not be know because the league refused to test. The league knew what was going on but chose not to do anything because they were still suffering from the strike and McGwire and Sosa were saving their ratings and the game. The league allowed these disgraces to happen and that is why the league should be disgraced. Another group that should be disgraced is the sports writers who saw the same things but didnt report shit but now love to jump on anyone who had anything to do with it. This was not strictly a players issue, they were allowed to do it because the league simply did not care.

      • j-bone

        and if you dont believe thats the right way to treat it why did you just treat it that way.

      • How did I treat it that way? I don’t think the best thing to do at all is hide. If you did it, say it, I agree.

      • Actually a great point — in respect to the sports writers and in respect to the players who initially did steroids in the late 80’s and 90’s. But there was a huge portion of players (A-Rod and many others) who used steroids once they were banned. Sure, the league screwed up in not testing much more strictly, but the A-Rod’s of the world were still knowingly breaking the rules and altering record books.

      • j-bone

        you treated it that way by putting a * next to the number 600, calling him a disgrace, spoiling all that is sacred, leaving him off your hitters list, and turning the blind eye and making excused for everyone who makes poor excuses or doesn’t say anything.

      • Manny, poor excuses, sure. But not Ortiz. Here’s his quote: “In the meantime I want to let you know how I am approaching this situation. One, I have already contacted the Players Association to confirm if this report is true. I have just been told that the report is true. Based on the way I have lived my life, I am surprised to learn I tested positive. Two, I will find out what I tested positive for. And, three, based on whatever I learn, I will share this information with my club and the public. You know me – I will not hide and I will not make excuses.” That doesn’t sound like hiding to me broheem.

      • j-bone

        yes, four days after the story broke he had a press conference, and has not said a word since. he really has not heard what he tested positive for? It is all well and good to stand up and say I have nothing to hide, I am going to be the best detective on this case, no stone will be unturned, and then do nothing about it. Its been over a year since this leaked and he has not said a word.

      • Yes, and that’s because he hasn’t found out. The players union announced that he hasn’t been told yet and they will announce when they tell him.

  3. J-bone

    I also like how the only people who seem to care about the 600 are red sox fans. No one is writing articles about how this is a great achievement and there should be a parade. No one really cares except for bitter red sox nation

    • Not true at all. ESPN is going gaga over it. Tim Kurkjan (that’s mispelled) is sad about it. The fact no one did it for 31 years and 4 players have done it in the past 10 years is all you need to know.

  4. j-bone

    as far as knowingly breaking the rules, it is not a rule if you are not checking and enforcing. It might be on the rule book but if no one does anything about it then it does not count. The speed limit is 65 but if you know there is no chance of getting a speeding ticket you really arnt going break the limit.

    • I disagree. If you had respect for the game of baseball and the fact that it brought you from rags to riches, gave you everything you have, then you would respect its history. Baseball is a game steeped in tradition — driving down the Jersey turnpike is not. All players that used steroids once they were banned are not worthy of playing the game.

      • j-bone

        baseball has always been a game of trying to gain an upper hand whether it be legal or illegal, dont give me all players must respect the game BS. Why should a player today care at all about players that played 50 years ago, even 20 years ago. It makes no difference to them, doesnt effect their game or paycheck. Writers and baseball traditionalist are the ones that care so much. Every sport has tradition but baseball is the only one that treats their accomplishments and past the same way the church treats the bible. It is a game that didn’t allow black players for the longest time, was real slow in allowing a free agents to be able to move and make a salary that deserved, allowed players to take steroids for who knows how long and then hangs those same players out to dry when it becomes public knowledge. Baseball is just a game and the MLB is just a business, this isnt religion and no one has to respect anything

      • I completely disagree.

  5. j-bone, the players today should care about what those who came before did. First, if it wasn’t for the players 35-40 years ago, guys like A-Rod would be making about $100,000 a year (I’ll say $150-$200,000 is really what they deserve when you factor in travel). Some of your lesser players would be looking for work during the off-season.

    Secondly, if no one cared what players did 50 years ago, or 20 years ago, then why is hitting 600 home runs important in baseball? How would you determine who belongs in Cooperstown? Baseball is about stats and records (as are all sports). And just because a rule or a law isn’t enforced, doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.

    • j-bone

      yes stats are important and it allows for player through different eras to be argued and gives a player a goal, there is always going to be a past, and players should be appreciative for what the past players have done. and yes stats and record matter in all sports.
      however baseball takes it to a level above and beyond, there was a steroid and hgh problem in the nfl but those players are not deemed the worst people to ever play the game, disgraces, and that nothing that they ever did matter. Noone ever talks about disrespecting the game of basketball. how come baseball sees themselves as above all other sports and that their players should act above all other sports, when right now they are not the favorite sport. noone has ever said that anybody in the nfl is not worthy of playing the game. why is baseball different?

      • Because baseballs fans care more about the state of the game. The game is older, has been passed on for more generations. Football and basketball cans care about the game, but mostly care about being entertained.

  6. j-bone

    I dont like the game is older argument, for anyone that is talking about sports, all three sports were around. Its not like people love baseball so much because its the only sport they had growing up.

    Two arguments against my own point, one being that it might be the sport played by the most people when they were younger, and two it takes the least amount of actual athletic ability. Everyone has hit a baseball not everyone has dunked.

    • Interesting points — thinking outside the box a bit j-bone — it’s good to see. Other sports have been around a long time, but very few were as accessible as baseball.

  7. Teck

    Baseball is America’s Past time…sure those other sports basketball and football have been around but they have not had the same following that baseball has had for decades.

  8. j-bone

    I get that it is Americas past time but that doesn’t mean that it is held to a higher standard. Because it is “Americas Pastime” means that the players have to respect the game more?

  9. j-bone

    All I am saying is that cheating has taken place in baseball since the beginning of baseball, to state that because a player took a PED that he does not deserve to play the game is harsh, and I am pretty sure that he did not admit to taking any after 2004.

  10. I agree with howigit. I remember years ago when Sosa’s bat exploded with cork. That has never been acceptable. Baseball set the stage for all other professional sports. Who is the one professional athlete that virtually everyone knows? George Herman “Babe” Ruth. And please don’t say Micheal Jordan. Ruth started the whole thing thanks to baseball. So yes, I hold baseball to higher standard.

    • j-bone

      I would argue that more people today know who Jordan is that Ruth, but that really doesn’t matter. The fact that it is older does not make a difference if that was the case then lacrosse or cricket would be held to that higher standard. I just don’t see why baseball is held to a higher standard. I don’t think anyone in football or basketball looks at baseball and says oh grandfather what do I do here. The only people that hold baseball to such a high standard are baseball itself and baseball traditionalist. You could say that baseball is the least progressive and stuck in their ways and that is also a result of them thinking they are the greatest game.

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