Lowell, Beckett Key in a Big Night for the Red Sox

Mike Lowell

Kudos to Mike Lowell, who slapped Red Sox owner John Henry around a bit by blasting a home run over the green monster on the first pitch he saw since returning to the Red Sox. While Lowell was busy hitting 3 home runs for the PawSox last week, Henry was actively trying to get him traded. This guy has never gotten any respect in his career — for a clutch performer and World Series MVP, he is wildly underrated. Not to mention his glove.

Kudos also to Josh Beckett who pitched a 3-hit, 8 strikeout gem needing only 103 pitches through 8 complete innings. Beckett was then taken out of the game as he was busy brawling with the Indians. You can see the video on ESPN.com. Beckett is listed at 6’5 and 225 pounds — and he looked very mad.

This game was a key win for the Red Sox, firing up a team that now is missing their two best players (Kevin Youkilis and Dustin Pedroia). Now is the time for them to start making a run.


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7 responses to “Lowell, Beckett Key in a Big Night for the Red Sox

  1. Teck

    Its a start for them….hopefully they get fired up and put on a run to get ahead of the yanks who are STRUGGLING right now…not likely but ill be rooting for them

  2. Teck

    Youk is likely out for the year i thought…if he has to get surgery realistically he’ll prob be done for the year

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    i did hear youk was out for the year.. but that was just speculation. last nights game was great.. once lowell hit taht homerun you knew it was a special night, its like Beckett knew it was a chance to spark teh ball club and thats why he was so ready to charge the field at the slightest opportunity

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