Shaq, Youkilis — Thoughts on Boston Sports


The Celtics signing Shaq and Kevin Youkilis’ thumb injury are both topics that deserve their own posts, but I have a video too good to not share with you all today — in lieu of time we will keep this brief.

Kevin Youkilis — Youk is out for the rest of the season with a rare thumb injury — suffered against the stupid Cleveland Indians. This is just too much. Youk is probably our best all around player, and we simply can’t make the run that we need to without him and Pedroia in the line-up. We need Pedroia back asap, but frankly, I think this is the injury that pushes the Red Sox over the edge — and ultimately out of the playoffs. I hope I’m wrong. Notes: On a slightly brighter note, Adrian Beltre hit a grand slam last night, following the Indians intentionally throwing at him and the benches clearing the previous night. Way to go, Adrian.

Shaq — Although Jim Rome and the rest of the world seem to be hating on the Celtics move in picking up Shaq, I honestly love it. When Kendrick Perkins went down in the NBA finals versus the Lakers, we suddenly didn’t have a single player capable of defending the Lakers’ big men. Now, all of a sudden, we can choose from Shaq, Kendrick Perkins, or Jermaine O’neil. That’s pretty awesome in my book. Sure Shaq is 38, slowed up, and not the player he used to be. But he’s still a huge body that smaller centers need help to defend, and he can open up looks for Ray Allen and Paul Pierce when he’s not turning and dunking. He averaged something like 13 points and 7 boards a game last year, but he did it in 23 minutes per game. That’s still pretty damn good production, and that’s exactly how the Celtics should use him — sparingly, but effectively. Plus, he adds to the Celtics already awesome chemistry. Plus plus, he cost us nothing. My picks for the NBA’s best team next year, in order: Heat, Celtics, Lakers.

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32 responses to “Shaq, Youkilis — Thoughts on Boston Sports

  1. j-bone

    I completly agree that the Youkilis injury and the already huge task of making the playoffs now would seem impossible. I couldn’t be happier.

    I couldn’t disagree more on Shaq. If you watched any of the Cavs last year they were a far better team when Shaq was on the bench. He is slow, can not defend, and is a selfish player. He clogs up the middle which is were Rondo has to play since he cant shoot. If you think the other O’Neal is the answer you are delusional. This is now a team has Shaq who is 300 pounds, slow and lazy so he cant get up the court. Jermaine O’Neal who is also slow and can’t get up the court, Perkins coming off a knee surgery in June, and Garnett who can get up the court for the first 5 minutes of the game but then he cant get up the court. Paul Pierce is a player but no one is gonna call him a speed demon, and Jesus is a shooter not a streaker. So they have Rondo the fastest point gaurd in the league, and their best player, and have surrounded him with old men that can not run. This was an old team last year that managed to make themselves older. To put the Celtics in front of the Lakers might be the biggest homer thing I have seen, the defending champs, a younger team, and they beat the Celtics in the playoffs, get real.

    • They beat the Celtics by 4 points in game 7 of the NBA finals, when we were injured and without Kendrick Perkins — a huge difference. We lost it, they didn’t win it. And I think the depth we added down low makes a huge difference. That’s not homer in any way, that’s all truth.

      • j-bone

        The Celtics were a 4th place team last year that caught fire in the playoffs and made the finals. This year they have one more season and a full slate of playoffs on their legs and have added depth, not added to talent. Perkins is not going to be back for a while and who knows how he will be able to play when he gets back. Jermaine O’Neal sucks and is just a body. No one else in the NBA wanted Shaq. Ray Allen faded in the finals because he was tired. Garnett can barely run and jump after the first few minutes. You seem to be forgetting that Bynum on the Lakers was hurt for most of the playoffs. He is a better player right now then the O’Neal twins combined.

      • The Celtics were a veteran team that admittedly, didn’t focus much in the regular season. Yes they are old, and yes they have added depth — but that’s what they need. There is still more talent and experience on that team than any other. Bynum is good for sure, but we now have tons of big bodies and fouls to use on him. I’m not worried about the Lakers, I’m worried about the Heat.

  2. Teck

    while shaq is clearly not the player he used to be i also beleive this was a good signing. big men are hard to come by and he can still score.

    They will no doubt use him sparingly throughout the season and they dont really have to pay him anything. He will certainly help if they have to run into the magic in the playoffs…with perk and the o’neal twins they have 18 fouls right there to use on howard. a big man who can score wit hhis back to the basket who will only need to play 12 mins a game for virtually no money is not a bad move

    • j-bone

      yes if they are setting themselves up for the magic sure not a bad move, but a team that can run ala the miami heat they are in a whole lot of trouble. I also don’t think it helps them against the Lakers at all. They are potentially the slowest team to ever step on a basketball court

      • The Heat will kill everyone. This definitely helps us match up with the Lakers — we only had trouble with the Lakers when we lost Kendrick and couldn’t defend them down low.

    • Exactly my thoughts. You’re much wiser than J-bone.

  3. j-bone

    So if you want to run down the Lakers vs Celtics roster you are honestly going to tell me that the Celtics are better.


    lakers bench>celtics bench

    • j-bone

      that didnt come out the way I typed it

      Rondo better than Fisher
      Kobe better than Ray
      Pierce better than Artest
      Gasol better than Garnett
      Bynum better than any center that is thrown out there

      lakers bench is better

      Phil Jackson is a better coach

      • These players don’t match up head to head, as they play very differently. I know this — the Celtics were beating the Lakers pretty good in game 7 and just didn’t hit shots down the stretch, while the Lakers did down low because we had nobody to defend them. Now we do.

      • The Celtics are starting 4 of top 40 scorers all-time in the NBA, plus Rondo. The Lakers have 1 in the top 100.

  4. Teck

    Jermaine O’neal and Kendrick Perkins are still very good on the ball post defenders and both serviceable off the ball as well. Sure Shaq wont be quite as good defensively as those two but hes a big body and wouldnt get manhandled by gasol/bynum like they did at the end of the finals last year. And while perkins will be hurt in the beginning of the season by the time playoffs come around he’ll be 100%.

    The celtics have only improved on defense and while theyre main guys are another year older they still play extremely well as a team and they split up the load to take pressure off one another. Meanwhile the Lakers/Kobe is going to have another year under his belt and he insists on doing it himself most of the time and is coming off some pretty serious injuries last year.

    Yes the heat are a scary team right now because theyll be a tough matchup…but they still don’t really have any size. Bosh is pathetic defensively, Haslem is solid but undersized and illgauskas is a jump shooting slow center who plays away from the basket. And if any of their big three players suffers an injury…the have zero margin for error on that team.

    • j-bone

      yeah the Lakers killed them inside in game seven, they did that because Kobe was struggling. Is Kobe going to struggle that bad again, who knows. I just think that adding a player no one else wanted and Jermaine O’Neal pushes them over the edge. I think Miami has more margin for error than the Celtics do. If Pierce or Rondo go down they are in real trouble. If Wade goes down, Lebron steps up, same everywhere around. The Heat were a playoff team with just Wade, LeBron has showed he can carry a team as well. No one player on the Celtics can carry a team and with every player but Rondo roughly 53 years old I think they should be a little more worried about injuries and margin for error.

      • The should be worried about injuries, which is why they added depth. And Paul Pierce can carry a team, I’ve seen him do it over and over. Miami has a huge margin for error — I think Miami will literally kill people. They are my pick for sure.

  5. j-bone

    Yes and if a team fieled Jordan, Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Iverson, and Kareem they would have 5 starters in the top ten I believe. That stat means nothing

  6. Teck

    JBone laying the smack down that top 40 scorers does not mean much i agree…the difference between the margin of error is in the bench. Celtics bench superior to Heat bench.

    Nobody wanted shaq cause he was requesting like 10 million/year…then he signed with the Celts for 1 million…

    I just realized Im sounding like a celtics fan but thats not the case…considering their situation i think the celts made the best moves they could possibly make in order to stay competitive and remain relevant. The recognize that their window is closing fast but they are still right there when they click on all cylinders…id look for Rajon Rondo to go nuts during the regualr season and the team as a whole to kind of coast through the regular season (like the Spurs have done for the past decade)…If i were a celtics fan i’d be praying that Rondo has been hitting the gym all summer long and has improved his jumper and in particular his free throws. If he does do that he will be one of the top players in the NBA

    • j-bone

      Yeah the Celtics bench is much much deeper, however it is not as if there is an abundance of talent on that bench. If Pierce or Rondo get hurt the answer is Nate Robinson, you don’t want Nate Robinson being your savior in case of injuries. Yes the bench is deeper in the front court, where half of those player have a great potential to get hurt by farting to hard after a bad burritto. The probability for error for the celtics is much higher for the celtics then the heat. Lebrons never really been injured, Wade gets banged around but always seems to get up, I am pretty sure Bosh has been healthy most of his career. And they are all under the age of 33. So yes if a player on the Heat gets hurt the player behind them on the bench would not be as good as the player on the celtics but the player who will step up to make up the production is much better. That is why the margin for error is greater for the celtics, more probability of injury and less actual talent, not bodies, to make up for that injury.

      Yeah Geoff that team of 40, 50, and 60 year olds and a player who cant make a team would be real awsome. The Celtics are trying real hard to copy that.

      • Pierce is 32. Garnett is 34. Ray is 35. Shaq is 38. Shaq just provides a huge body and major match up issues, but his games behind him. Garnett is certainly showing age, but his shot is better than ever and he still has arguably the best post moves of any player in the NBA. He’s just not explosive with the dunks, etc. like he used to be. Pierce and Ray are still awesome. I’d take that team you mentioned if they were all in their 30’s.

    • I agree about Rondo and Shaq. But there is something to be said for 4 top 40 scorers. Although they are getting up there in age, these guys still know the fundamental of putting the ball in the basket despite their diminishing athleticism. They are 4 of the best at it — ever.

      • j-bone

        this heat team that you are so high on has exactly 0 players in the top 100

      • Yup. I’m not saying that is the most important thing or anything like that. I’m just saying it tells you something — the Celtics can put the ball in the hoop. But so can youth and athletecism.

      • j-bone

        yeah it tells you they have a bunch of really old players on their team

      • How does it tell you that? It just tells you he was cheap and they needed size……

      • j-bone

        if you have 4 players in the top 40 it means that they have old players, young players dont end in the top 40. Just to add all 4 of those players put up career lows in points last year.

        Also stop censoring me that was not that bad, could have been alot worse and I did not say the two words I am not allowed to say

      • I am China and you are just a mere citizen.

  7. Teck

    Lebron is an @$$ hole

  8. Kevin Youkillis

    shaq was a good pick up for the price they paid. they needed some size and got the best size available. would i rather have dwight howard or andrew bynum? of course, but with what was available i like the move, especially for the price.

    that being said my thumb is pretty sore.. big few games coming up, will anyone be attending?

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