Roy Halladay and the Most Underrated Stat in Baseball this Year

Roy Halladay

The most underrated statistic in baseball so far this season is this: In 24 starts this season, Roy Halladay has pitched 7+ innings in 20 starts. That is absolute production, making Halladay worth every penny of his $15.7 million salary. Halladay has a 2.34 ERA and opponents are hitting .243 off of him for the season, yet he is only 14-8. Score him some runs, Phillies.

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4 responses to “Roy Halladay and the Most Underrated Stat in Baseball this Year

  1. Teck

    Yea i heard that stat the other day…hes awesome i still have dreams about what the team would be like if we had halladay and lee on the same team right now…you couldnt lose a playoff series with those two making multiple starts.

    Anyways the phils are picking it up right now and playing well despite injuries. One thing that I’ve noticed from watching the Phils…Halladay always seems to struggle (relatively so) during day games.

  2. Teck

    im going to add an addendum to my above statement…and add in games that are not at normal times for him so late west coast games will count as day games.

    in day games hes 5-4 and had 3 straight losses in day games until yesterday where he did struggle a bit but still got the win…his era in day games approx 3

    normal night games hes 9-4 with about a 1.8 era

    not a drastic difference in the number but particularly as of late hes struggled in day games…the number are a little skewed becasue his first three day game starts he only gave up one run

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