Bleacher Bar at Fenway Park….is Awesome

Bleacher Bar Fenway Park

I’ve been to a lot of Red Sox games. So when I was at Fenway last week and was told to meet up with friends at “Bleacher Bar,” I was taken aback. Never heard of the place. Like everyone else, when it comes to bars outside of Fenway you go with the main staples; Cask’n Flagon, Game On, or Lansdowne Pub. So off I headed to this “Bleacher Bar.”

Bleacher Bar was…..pretty damn cool. It opened this season, hence I had not heard of it before. Located under Fenway’s center field bleachers, the bar occupies a space that used to be the visiting team’s batting cages and a field equipment storage facility. In the midst of a bar, which sits at field level, is a large garage door. You can see out of the door, but the centerfielder (who is about 20 yards away) can’t see into the bar. As a result, you are essentially playing deep center field. Super cool.

This is what the bar looks like from the field: 

Bleacher Bar Boston

Best of all, the bar is open for all home games, you don’t need to have a ticket to the game, and there is never a cover charge. Definitely check it out next time you’re at Fenway.



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2 responses to “Bleacher Bar at Fenway Park….is Awesome

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    that looks great, i had no idea it was there either. I normally just go to the Uno’s.

  2. Deep dish pizza…I can handle it.

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