My All Generation Baseball Team — 1990-2010

Ivan RodriguezHere’s the lastest of my lists — My All Generation (1990-2010) Baseball Team. These are the players that aren’t necessarily the best, but the ones that are my favorites at each position. And yes, they tend to be awesome. Without further adieu…..

Starting Pitcher: Pedro Martinez — We’ll begin by dominating and confusing the hell out of you.

Middle Relief: Kerry Wood — The game that he struck out 20 hitters is the best pitched game I’ve ever seen.

Closer: Randy Johnson — And end by blowing it by you. Sure, Johnson’s not known as reliever, but he’s stepped up and done this before with great success.

Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez — He’s got 2800 hits and 13 gold gloves. One season he threw out 60% of runners who tried to steal on him, and he routinely threw out runners who took a large lead at either 1st or 3rd base. Easily the best defensive catcher ever and my favorite player as a kid.

First Base: Albert Pujols — How can I not pick him? I used to love Mo Vaughn, but he took steroids. It’s hard not to pick Youk here as well, but I can’t pick all Red Sox players and Pujols is one of the only power hitters of our generation who is not now villianized.

Second Base: Dustin Pedroia — There really aren’t many other good options that don’t spit on umpires or do advertisements for Tasty Cake Donuts. Maybe Jeff Frye? Joey Cora? Carlos Baerga?

Short Stop: Derek Jeter — He gets hits. He’s makes pitchers work way too hard. I can’t decide if he’s a good defender or not, but I’ve got a perfect place for him in this line-up. Honorable mention goes to John Valentin (27 home runs, 102 rbi’s in 1995).

Third Base: Mike Lowell — The man gets no respect — he’s a wonder at the plate and in the field. Here’s your respect Mike.

Left Field: Manny Ramirez — This team plays in Fenway (obviously), and he can play the Monster so I’ll bypass his defense (or lack thereof). We all know what he can do with the bat.

Center Field: Ken Griffey Jr. — He’s so fly. If I were a dog, I’d hump his leg.

Right Field: Jacoby Ellsbury — I wish I got to see more of Rickey Henderson, but my line-up needs some speed. I almost gave this one to Troy O’leary who in 1999 had 28 home runs and 103 rbi’s.

Designated Hitter: David Ortiz — If this team needed a hit, he’d get it.

Batting Order: (averages per 162 games)

  1.  Jacoby Ellsbury — .291 avg, 60 steals
  2.  Derek Jeter — .315, 207 hits
  3.  David Ortiz — .280, 36 home runs
  4.  Manny Ramirez — .313, 131 rbi’s
  5.  Albert Pujols — .332, 42 home runs
  6.  Ken Griffey Jr. — .284, 10 Gold gloves
  7.  Dustin Pedroia — .305, listed at 5’9″
  8.  Mike Lowell — .279, 1 World Series MVP
  9.  Ivan Rodriguez — .298, 46% of runners caught stealing

Who you got on your team? Check out

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38 responses to “My All Generation Baseball Team — 1990-2010

  1. A. Rab Money

    some interesting choices on this list, but a star studded cast indeed. Im a little taken back at the Randy Johnson as closer though. How does Rivera not make it as your closer with the second most saves all time and the most dominant post season numbers in baseball history? I see where you’re coming from with Johnson but a lot to being a closer is the mentality, and a guy who started his whole career is not going to have this like Mo does. Also, I would bat Manny third with Pujols 4 and Papi 5. I think that would do more damage, just like when you had Manny 3 and Papi 4 for all those years in Boston.

    • Mo doesn’t make my list because I don’t like him. This list is not who is best or anything like that, just who I like. Deciding on the order was definitely tough.

  2. Teck

    jacoby ellsbury, pedroia and lowell really have no business being on this list…i know its people you like but why didnt you just say i like the red sox and be done with it.

    Tasty cake should be on there ahead of pedroia…but you dont like him so how about Craig Biggio? In the late 90’s he was hitting 20+ HR’s, stealing 50 bases and batting over .300. That helps with some of your speed issues

    • They should be because it’s a list of my favorite players. First of all Pedroia belongs — he won the ROY his first year in the league, and the MVP his second year — not a bad start. Utley is a loser and I don’t like Craig Biggio. Why don’t you tell me who is on your list instead of telling me who I should like? Thanks babe.

  3. Teck

    your very testy mister…

    RHP – Doc Halladay
    LHP- Randy Johnson
    Closer- Gotta go to Mo’s, Rivera that is

    Catcher – while i considered Mike Liberthal, i think the only real choice is Pudge
    1B- I’m definitely going with Pujols here as well.
    2B – Gotta go with Mr. TastyCake Utley
    SS – Ugh Jeter is the right choice here
    3B – tough decision i hate A-Rod, Chipper and can’t go Mike schmidt either….so especially after his awesome display yesterday im going with Scott Rolen.
    LF – Barry Bonds…cause why the heck not, theres no drug testing in this league
    CF – no question here KGJr is the only choice
    RF – Ichiro… hits machine
    since im a fan of the NL i don’t want a DH but i want Vlad the impaler coming of the bench pinch hitting

    Line up

    Pitcher’s spot/ Vlad

    • Very nice — I like the Ichiro pick and seriously considered putting him on my team. Utley definitely uses way to much LA Looks mega hold on a daily basis. Bonds can drop dead, and Halladay is a bit boring for my liking.

      • j-bone

        C- Pudge
        1B- Pujols
        2B- Biggio
        SS- Jeter
        3rd- A-Rod
        C- Junior
        RF-Paul O-Neill
        DH-Frank Thomas

        Starter R-Clemens
        Starting L- Johnson
        Middle Relief-David Wells
        Closer- Mariano Rivera


      • Paul O’Neil? Gross. I’m suprised to find out your a big Frank Thomas guy. He scares me.

  4. Kevin Youkillis

    Starter- Pedro
    Middle relief- Mitch Williams
    Closer- Papblebon

    C-Darren Daulton
    1-Mo Vaughn
    2-Jeff Kent
    3- Wade Boggs
    LF- Manny
    C- Griffey
    R- Vlad
    DH- Ortiz

    1- Boggs
    2- Vlad
    3- Griffey
    4- Ortiz
    5- Manny
    6- Vaughn
    7- Nomar
    8- Kent
    9- Daulton

    lotta red sox i know, deal with it

    • That’s a really slow line-up. Vlad hits second? Mitch Williams is slightly silly, but I like that you got Mo in there.

      • Kevin Youkillis

        dont need speed when you can mash the ball all day long and i grew up watching mitch williams pitch, he now lives in my town and i clean his pool, so i wanted to give him some love.

        i also didnt focus too much time on my line up. i didnt look at stats, I just used players off the top of my head that i liked

      • Tell me about his pool.

    • j-bone

      Gross on O’Niell? coming from a guy who left of Mo and put on PEDroia, Chief Jacoby, and Lowell. I will take the Warrior over all of them.

  5. j-bone

    I was also going on best team on people I like, I would put Tino Martinez on there, Cano, and probably Bernie Williams if I was going on favorites

  6. A. Rab Money

    he is still young and is showing the potential this season that the yanks knew he had for the last 4 years. On yes they reported that many of the yankee stars were quoted saying he has the most raw talent and ability on the team, and thats saying a lot seeing as who the yankee line-up consists of.

  7. Teck

    im making one slight change to my line up…my middle relief pitcher will be John Rocker, just to shake things up a little bit and make the locker room a little more exciting.

    also my manager would probably be ozzie guillen…mostly to see how he feels about Rocker and only two latinos on the team

    • Rocker actually crossed my mind just for the humor value. I bet he’s running through the woods in Georgia with a horrible case of rabbies, attacking coyotes. I am a big Ozzie Guillen fan so I like that pick.

  8. j-bone

    the one who has a 162 game batting average, rbi, and hr less that robinson cano, and is tied for hits. his mvp year might be the weakest mvp of all time and cano is going to dwarf those numbers this year. yeah that guy

    • You mean when he led the league in runs, hits, doubles, and hit .326? That’s pretty awful. Cano is having a great year this year for sure. But if he’s not a power hitter (he’s never had 100 rbi’s and has hit 20+ home runs exactly once up until this year) then his job should be getting on base — Pedroia’s OBP is significantly higher. So where is his value? Saying oh god Cano is so good and talented is a lot like saying oh god Adrian Beltre is so awesome.

    • And Pedroia earns 41% of Cano’s salary. I’ll take Pedroia all day long.

  9. j-bone

    of the past 10 mvp dustin is 9th in home runs, 9th in rbi, 7th in ops, tied for 8th in on base percentage and 5th in average. The only thing he is in the top 5 is hits in which he is second, i would say that is a pretty weak mvp year.

    you wanna pull on base percentage and money go right ahead, i will take the more effective player

  10. j-bone

    yeah a player who is batting second is going to get batted in more than a player batting between 5 and 7th, and by the way the errors this season are even and cano has played in many more games

  11. j-bone

    last season he had more home runs and rbi then dustins mvp year and won a world series

    • Yet he came in 17th in the MVP voting. What does that tell you? There is huge value in leading the league in hits, runs, and doubles. Cano didn’t lead in any categories, let alone 3 significant ones, and wasn’t nearly as integral to the Yankees offense as Pedroia was. Hence Pedroia = MVP.

    • Anything else new and exciting in the life of the J-Bone?

      • j-bone

        i never said he should have been mvp, i said that dustin was a very weak mvp, and in the long run i think he will be a better player then dustin.

        and yeah some new and exciting things are going on

      • We’ll see, they both have a lot of time left. I think his power numbers will be better, but I think Pedroia will be the better player. Pedroia’s numbers that season didn’t look MVPish in terms of home runs or RBI’s, but he was the right pick. It was definitely going to be him or Youkilis that year.

  12. Teck

    If were talking about awesome beginnings to career look no further than the Big Piece Ryan Howard…Rookie of the Year followed by MVP,his first 5 full years hes had at least 45 HR’s and 130 rbis. each year

    His MVP year he 58 HR’s and 149 rbis while batting .313…straight dominance. While he has ahad a history of striking out hes been a clutch performer and always performs well at the end of the season. This year hes focused more on making contact and while sacrificing slightly on HR’s his average has skyrockets and has hovered around .300 while hes kept up with his rbi numbers

    • All true. He’s a beast. No worries, I’ll trade the K’s for production as long as he’s swinging. An underrated player still, probably because he resides in the hell hole that is the national league.

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