Luke Harangody Versus Shelden Williams

I’m sick of the Celtics getting ugly players from terrible colleges. Here are two prime examples: Shelden Williams out of Duke and Luke Harangody out of the joke that is Notre Dame. Who’s more pretty?

It’s a tough call. Is your type five-headed or do you prefer the cross-eyed Shrek look?

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15 responses to “Luke Harangody Versus Shelden Williams

  1. Teck

    This is an epic battle of ugliness…look how close together harangody’s eyes are, but then look at how far apart williams’ eye are. I think Shelden takes the prize for ugliest due to that massive forehead. I think Harangody is going to be a solid pick for what he is. He’ll come in off the bench for a couple mins a game grab boards and do dirty work…hes also got a knack for putting the ball in the hoop.

    • A very epic battle indeed. I’ve got to say I think Harangody is uglier. I also think he’s horrific pick. He’s undersized, slow, and dumb. He played well in college, but I think he’ll get beasted in the NBA. Get him out.

  2. Teck

    hes everything you could want in a white player

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    no question, sheldon is uglier

    im assuming you just are going with celtics players but joakim noah and chris kaman come to mind as some ugly mofo’s too..

    ugliest celtic in recent years.. easy, sam cassell

  4. j-bone

    yes for someone with a 8 head the nose should not be that close to it

  5. Teck

    I suggest scrolling to the bottom though because the conversation ends with the creature that is Tyrone Hill

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