Tiger Woods Lips Out on Marriage, Divorces Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren

Yesterday was a long day in coming, nearly 8-months since Tiger Woods crashed his car after his wife likely chased him out of the house with a golf club. At long last, Tiger and his wife Elin Nordegren have divorced.

When news of Woods’ infidelity first emerged, I was very skeptical that a divorce would ever happen. But when the rampant details of Woods’ double life began to emerge and was subsequently smeared by the media throughout the globe, a divorce soon became inevitable. So what does this divorce mean? What is its relevance? As someone who has long been a Tiger fan, and continues to be despite his affairs, here’s how I see it.

1) The first major question everyone has is what was the divorce settlement? Was there a pre-nup? How much is Elin getting? These questions are pretty foolish, and frankly, who cares? If there was not a pre-nup and Tiger was acting the way that he did, then he deserves to lose however many hundreds of millions of dollars. The man is a billionaire, so both parties will be more than comfortable, needless to say.

2) While Tiger has been villianized by many, both he and Elin are intelligent enough people to know that ultimately it’s all about the kids. Few athletes in the history of sport have talked more frequently, lovingly, and openly about their relationships with their parents as Woods has. Whether it’s speaking of his mother’s Buddhist influences of his “pop’s” regimented approach to developing Tiger’s mental game, Woods has continually credited his parents and the influences they have had on him. He wants to be the same sort of father for his children, which unfortunately for him, he already screwed up. But I can guarantee that the public will see him taking care of and spending time with his children. They are young enough that they will be fine.

3) So what does this mean for Tiger’s golf game? Everything. This season was a complete wash for Woods, as he was rehabing his personal life in an attempt to save his marriage rather than his golf game. Tiger will now have plenty of time to focus on his game, rededicate himself to practicing, and ultimately return to the winner’s circle. When will this happen? Let’s just say that Tiger will win multiple tournaments next year and will go on to break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major championships. From here on out Tiger will be either spending time with his kids or working on his golf game. That’s about it.

So with those questions answered, here is the question nobody is asking yet — When will Tiger start dating again? Who will the lucky lady be? Jennifer Aniston? Lady Gaga? I bet it doesn’t happen anytime soon — but what happens in Vegas,……

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15 responses to “Tiger Woods Lips Out on Marriage, Divorces Elin Nordegren

  1. J-Bone

    I agree it was inevitable, and probably the best for both of their personal lives and Tigers career. There really is no way a relationship can survive cheating with that many women, and if this continued to play out I am not sure Tiger would reach Jack. But now that he moved on I agree that he will.

    My vote is a Williams sister, with those genes there is no doubt the kid will be a pro something

  2. A. Rab Money

    i think your statement is false about his focus being on his kids and his golf game. I think he will put plenty of time into bedding hundreds more women, and who knows, instead of breaking Jack’s mark of 18 majors, maybe he changes his overall focus to reaching Magic Johnson’s record of 5,000 women. But i do expect him to win 2 or more majors next year, because now he wont be sidetracked with saving a marriage.

  3. j-bone

    I heard he will never be called flash

  4. Kevin Youkillis

    im confused as to what questions you answered.. what was the settlement? i know you said you dont care, but your avid fans do and you should cater to us. i heard 9 digits and includes a stipulation that she cant write a book or do any press about their situation, anyway you look at it thats a ton of money.

    as to the kids i know Tiger got partial custody but im interested to see how that plays out considering Elin has talked about going back to Sweeden, that would make weekend visits for Tiger difficult. But i do agree he will be there for his kids.

    and finally my bet is that he starts dating justin beiber.. kid is dreamy

    also, wait.. he plays golf?

  5. Pablo Escobar

    Tiger only performed at his elite level because he was slaying. I agree with Arab Money, he needs to being chasing women again in order to return to dominating the field. Furthermore, I wonder whether Elin was “satisfied” with Tiger’s “performance” after Woods had played all 18 holes.

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