The Many Faces of Eli Manning…..

Eli Manning

Thank you, Sports Illustrated, for consistently providing me with stunning images from the world of sports. Including this gem. I wonder if this doubles as his happy face……..

Ahhh, gotta love ripping on Eli.

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23 responses to “The Many Faces of Eli Manning…..

  1. j-bone

    atleast he doesnt have a justin beiber haircut

  2. aliyah26

    Omg, I love ELi Manning. He’s so handsome and sexy. This post is kinda immature, btw. Well, most guys aren’t Eli…*tears*

  3. Kevin Youkillis

    its okay guys.. justin beiber haircuts beat this any day of the week

    also i hope you guys have seen this site

  4. Kevin Youkillis

    awaiting moderation, is big brother watching this site now?

    • Nope. It’s probably because you put links into a comment. It gives me a chance to make sure people aren’t commenting providing links to viruses and what not.

      • j-bone

        well you scared away the only female reader you ever had because of your hatred for a guy the pats have to face every 4 years, you sir are a business man.

      • I don’t need business from women who are attracted to Eli Manning. I’m not even sure I’d classify them as people.

  5. j-bone

    he is the second ugliest to have his name on this page right now

  6. aliyah26

    Eli haters sure can get their panties in a bunch. Man up, baby. It’s not Eli’s fault he turns us girls on.

  7. j-bone

    kevin, is uglier by far. Not Foran he is a stone cold fox, the actual kevin

    I am liking this aliyah but I am not convinces its not someone we know

  8. j-bone

    cute like a dogs ass

  9. A. Rab Money

    but he still crushes hot tail all day long. the proof is in the one picture of eli with the blonde

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