Outta Jail, TI is Straight Hustlin’

TI rapper

Today I wanted to send a shout out to my boy TI, the king of the south. Straight off of 7 months in prison, TI has stayed true to his roots since his release. With his swag in full effect, TI’s recent hustling has included:

A) Writing and recording his next album, King Uncaged, which is easily howiGit’s most anticipated album this year. The album is due to be released September 28th, and will feature at least one collaboration with Kanye West. The pair recently recorded 6 tracks together in Hawaii.

B) Starring in and acting as executive producer in Takers, the first film produced by TI’s Grand Hustle label.

C) Launching his new Akoo clothing line. You can’t feel fly without it.

I’m interested to hear the tone of the new album. Is he going to go for the introspective gangster out of jail album, or his trademark party anthems? I’ll let you know with a full review when the album is released.

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10 responses to “Outta Jail, TI is Straight Hustlin’

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    wasn’t TI released from prison in 2009? i know he has been out for a while, he did an interview with Larry King

  2. Kevin Youkillis

    this is the first single off his upcoming album.. there is a real music video out there for it but the youtube link was just easier to post here..

    i like it.

  3. A. Rab Money

    He better step his game up, Takers has not recieved the best of reviews since its release, and received a whopping 27% on rotten tomatoes.

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