Ndamukong Suh’s Dirty Jake Delhomme Hit

The Detroit Lions’ Ndamukong Suh should be suspended, 110%, for his dirty face-mask tackle and subsequent throw-down on Cleveland Browns’ quarterback Jack Delhomme (see video). This hit really looks like Suh couldn’t be trying any harder to make sure Delhomme spends the rest of his life in a wheelchair. I doubt that was Suh’s intent — I bet he was just another overly raged-up defensive back playing irresponsibly. Ultimately, the league needs to protect its players — Commissioner howiGit would dole out a 2-game suspension coupled with a 2-flat screen TV fine. Money just doesn’t give these players the message, but take their flat screens and they’ll listen up. I think the NFL will get this one right.

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26 responses to “Ndamukong Suh’s Dirty Jake Delhomme Hit

  1. J-bone

    You can go watch the us open if you don’t want to see hits. 15 yards and a fine. To suspend would be absurd

    • I completely disagree. I’ll see hits all day long if they are done correctly. This was ridiculous and is the type of hit that results in neck and spinal chord injuries. Suspend him.

      • j-bone

        You are the same person that laughed and had two different posts after eli got stiches from another guys face mask, that would be head to head contact. Delhomme got up right away and was not hurt at all. The hit was not that bad at all.

        This is a league who suspends multiple time rapists for 6 games and murderers for 16 and you want to give a guy a 2 game suspension for a facemask.

      • Sure, Eli’s hit was head to head contact (which certainly isn’t a correctly executed hit) but if you watch the replay it just happened that way, there was no ongoing whip-around-throw-down action. In other words, the hit came, then it was done. Suh’s play starts with a facemask and continues as he whips him around and throws him down. While I don’t think it was his intent to hurt him, it certainly was intentional — a result of a new player in the league playing irresponsibly and wrecklessly. These are exactly the type of players you need to make an example of, and suspending him early in his career would get the point across — play the right way, we aren’t tolerating this BS. Delhomme was fine, luckily.

        As far as the league itself goes, I have always liked Roger Goodell as he is a no nonsense type of commissioner. That being said, it is absurd when multiple rapists get 6 games and murderers get 16. If it was up to me, rape or murder would result in a lifetime ban from the NFL. Playing in the league and making millions of dollars is a privelage — one that rapists and murderers are not worthy of.

  2. j-bone

    If that play was a running back no one even bats an eye. The guy will get fined and everyone will move on. The babying of the qbs in this league is pretty out of control. There is like a 2 foot section in which a defender can touch a qb. While this is a penalty no matter what, if its not a qb it gets no pub.

    Good for Suh though I would rather see that then someone who comes in and plays soft.

    • Kevin Youkillis

      i think the hit looks worse than it was, it was awkward from the start with the facemask, . i think a horse collar is more of a dirty play than what he did..the whole thing was just a strange tackle.

      and the only thing i have learned from roger goodell is that hurting dogs is unacceptable..

    • You can play hard and not do what he did. I agree that it has blown up a bit because a QB was involved. I agree further that QB’s are babied in the NFL in general. But you do have to take into consideration the fact that they often are a sitting duck out there compared to a running back.

  3. j-bone

    I think it has more to do with that in most cases they are the face of the franchise and are paid the most.

    • Very true as well — the thinking is that the star quarterbacks are good for the league. Nobody in New England preferred to see Matt Cassel play over Brady. Likewise, everyone in New York wants to see Mark Sanchez or Miss Manning, not a back up.

      • j-bone

        I agree but everyone wants to see starters in every position.

        Mr Bieber does not make things much better while screeching in horror when there is a defender on the ground with in 4 feet of him.

      • He’s probably the coolest quarterback in the league in the pocket.

  4. j-bone

    Until he has a hissy because a DE got blocked 4 feet in front of him

  5. j-bone

    I dont believe hes won a super bowl with Gisele, I know Eli has with his wife

  6. j-bone

    Not the past couple years he hasnt, the colts have won 5 out of 6

    • Incorrect J-Bone. You are forgetting the Matt Cassel era.

      “Brady has beaten Manning in five of seven regular-season and two of three postseason games for a rather commanding 7-3 advantage, although the tide has turned of late (Manning has won three of the last four and beaten the Pats in four of their last five meetings, including with Matt Cassel under center and Brady on injured reserve with his season-ending knee injury).”
      The Pats lost 35-34 last year (an awesome game).

      All that really matters is,”Speaking of postseason play, Brady’s .824 (14-3) playoff winning percentage is second best in NFL history to Bart Starr’s .900 (9-1), those 14 wins tied for the second most in league history behind only Joe Montana’s sweet 16. Manning has failed more often than he’s passed (7-8, .467) in the playoffs.”

      Best tid-bit of knowledge I’ve never thrown at you? When Brady won his 3 super bowls, he never had a single offensive pro bowler on his team. Peyton has been surrounded by them, year after year.

      What else is there to say?

  7. j-bone

    Brady has put up over 30 points 3 times in the playoffs so its not exactly like it was all offense, in fact it was all defense a majority of the time. I am not gonna argue that hes a real good post season qb but its not like he is going out there and winning it by himself. He averages 1.5 td’s a playoff game, good but not overwhelming. Peyton has never had the defense or the coaching that Brady has had.

    Cant say forever and always when hes won 1 out of the last 4

  8. j-bone

    recently yes peyton d has been good for a while they were not, the pats d was in the top three for those super bowl years. Dungy is not a scrub but look at the pats coaching tree vs the colts.

    • Alright. So when Brady has good D he wins 3 super bowls and beats Peyton. When Peyton has good D he wins one super bowl and beats the Pats. Sounds about right, actually.

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