The 2010 Boston Red Sox — Put a Fork in Em’

Pedroia Red Sox

This picture really shows how small Pedroia actually is, doesn't it?

This post has been a long time in coming, but alas, there is now no way to avoid it — the 2010 Red Sox are toast. Burnt. Finished. Done. As of writing this post the Sox have 30 games to play, and are 7 games off the wild card pace. Ain’t happening.

While many Boston writers wrote the Sox off as early as mid-July, I held out far longer than most. Yes, it’s partially cause I want to “believe.” But it’s not like good play couldn’t have gotten the Sox right back in it. At one point last week they were a mere 4.5 games out of first place in the AL East. But at this point, they are short on time, talent, and inspiration. As a fan its most disappointing to see that they couldn’t put a decent run together.

That being said, I can’t really feel surprised. This was certainly a very interesting season in many ways. If you had told me at the beginning of the year that the Red Sox would claim Johnny Damon off waivers and Clay Bucholz would lead the league in ERA I would have given you more markers to huff. Theo Epstein chose a defense and pitching strategy which seemed strange in the AL east, yet in resulted in one of baseball’s most potent offenses and a rather lackluster pitching staff.

At the end of the day, you can throw the excuse card at me all day long, but that would just be you making excuses — the Red Sox season was simply derailed by injuries.  At this point Dustin Pedroia has missed 58 games, while Kevin Youkilis has missed 31 and is out for the rest of the season. Both players were off to great starts. Jacoby Ellsbury, a key offensive piece, has missed 115 games. His defensive replacement, Mike Cameron, has missed over half of the season. Josh Beckett has pitched under 100 innings, and Victor Martinez missed 23 games — during which backup catcher Jason Varitek got injured and found himself on the disabled list. And that’s just the beginning of the Sox woes this season. I simply have never seen a string of injuries this severe, which is most disappointing. Nobody wants to see the baseball season end in September.

I am however happy that I feel like I can look forward to next season with a huge amount of optimism. Despite all of the injuries and widespread criticism of Theo Epstein’s pitching and defense strategy, the Red Sox are 16 games over .500. Imagine if they had stayed fairly healthy? Needless to say, they’d be right in it, if not on top. Kevin Youkilis, Dustin Pedroia, and David Ortiz are the heart and soul of this team, and 2/3 of that heart is missing. Imagine if A-Rod and Texiera were missing in New York? Or Longoria and Crawford in Tampa? It’s a scary thought. And I think Theo knows he better step up his game this offseason.

So who’s going to step up and beat the Yankees for me?

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43 responses to “The 2010 Boston Red Sox — Put a Fork in Em’

  1. j-bone

    This makes me happy.

    Pedroia is a midget.

    A-Rod has been hurt.

    Hopefully no one steps up, but the Rays are scary.

  2. Kevin Youkillis

    Haiku’s are easy

    Sometimes they do not make sense


  3. j-bone

    Pitching and defense

    Threw around alot of cash

    All was BS hype

    • Untrue. With a reasonably healthy team, this is easily as good of a team as any.

      • j-bone

        not with pitching and defense. All off season we heard how Scutoro fielding stats are unbelievable, forgetting the fact that he sucks. Lackey is a big game pitcher, except against the biggest rival who smack the poop out of him.

        All teams have injuries, yes the red sox got crippled by them this year, but Mike Cameron is 63 years old, Beckett shows up out of shape every single year, Jacoby is a okay player but not exactly a mamoth loss. Youkillis and Pedrioa are huge losses but every team has injuries. The yankees lost granderson, a-rod, posada, and pettite for signifigant chunks this season but had the talent to make up for those losses. The red sox pitching and defense strategy did not allow for other talent to step up. If you have Scutoro on the team for his defense but he cant hit for doo doo hes not going to make up for an injury. Varitek the back up was awful last year and is also up there in age so he wasnt going to step up. If you are relying on pitching and defense but need 3 or 4 offense players to carry the team, if they get hurt there is no net when you fall.

      • I completely agree that Scutaro is a bum, and have long been frustrated by the Sox inability to find a good short stop. I also agree and have long said I think that they could use another big bat. I do think Jacoby is a big loss though — if he gets on base it’s a double, if not a triple. The Yankees had some injuries this year, but none of them were for very long and generally their injuries never went beyond normal wear and tear on a team. The Red Sox were well beyond that. No matter how deep you are, losing 2 of your 3 best day to day players will result in some losses, let alone all the other injuries. It’ll be really interesting to see what they do this offseason — they could certainly go in a lot of different directions.

      • j-bone

        Jacoby is the same as Gardener, if he went down for the Yankees it would not be the end of the world, and its not for the Red Sox.
        I know losing 2 of the 3 or 4 best players is huge, I wont argue that. My arguement is the the Red Sox went out and spent alot in the off season, made huge pub about how the pitching and defense is the way to go, all they need is sabermetrics. But when it comes down to it those “defensive” players are not good enough to step up. The Phillies had alot of big injuries to big players throughout the season, and I hate them but they had the talent around those players to stay afloat. The Red Sox I feel made a huge miscalculation in the pitching and defense because it really gives a small margin for error in injuries. 2 of the best 3 or 4 were hurt, but when you only have those 4 as legit offensive threats it hurts alot more.

      • Agreed we could have used a bit more offensive prowess, but I think our depth was still fine — it was just an absurd amount of injuries. Jacoby is not the same as Gardener.

  4. A. Rab Money

    the red sox got the injury bug bad, but they did not make enough mid season to moves to make up for them either. While they tried for Damon, and he denied, it was too little to late at that point. They needed to make changes mid summer when they were still right in the hunt as did the Yanks and Phils, who are both in playoff races now. That is where the Sox truly failed this year in my opinion. every team has to deal with injuries, and the 2 ways of doing that is role players stepping up, and the front office adding players to contribute while the others get healthy. The red sox did neither of these successfully and thus will not make the playoffs.

    • We did have some young players play very well (Ryan Kallish for example). But I agree that a mid-season move or two would have been nice. I think part of the problem was that we thought most of our players would come back and contribute relatively quickly (Pedroia and Ellsbury, for example) but then realized that their injuries were more nagging than we anticipated. We got them back, only to have them go back on the DL. I think that’s partially why we didn’t go after anybody mid season, although I would have liked if that had happened.

  5. j-bone

    they were also not playing so great in the beginning of the season when they were not injured

  6. j-bone

    okay poo bear

  7. Teck

    Agree with john…injuries are certainly a part of the game and a sign of a good front office is how they deal with these injuries and keep their teams competitive. Phils had many injuries this year and were able to make moves both big (Oswalt) and small (sweeney) in order to keep the team competitive.

    Phils have always been pretty decent at picking up guys to bolster their bench or fill in for injured players. Couple years ago they picked up tadahito a 2B when utley went down with an injury. Similarily they picked up sweeney this year when howard went down. While he wont put up huge numbers hes a servicable veteran good locker room guy and he comes up big in a few spot starts. what more can you ask from a bench guy and midseason pick up?

    While the red sox have had many injuries and struggles Bucholz has had an awesome year as did off season pick up adrian beltre, batting .320 w/ 24 hrs and above average defense at 3B, big year for him. But can he do it again?

  8. Teck

    some other notable mid season pickups that worked out for us Jamie Moyer, Joe Blanton and even Jason Werth

  9. A. Rab Money

    they were picked up in past years, but all added to the roster midway through the season.

  10. Teck

    john is right they were midseason pickups in past years.

    Foran, Thats fine you can have the same record as the phils but your not gonna make the playoffs so you didnt stay competitive. Geoff the phils have had many injuries this season as well…

    quit crying about your division…a couple years back when the jays, orioles and rays were all bottom feeders i didnt hear you complaining, now theres three good teams and boohoo

    • Nahhh, I’m not complaining. I love the AL East, and the Red Sox own it. The Yankees are just a rich snooty uncle that we allow in the division cause he’s been around forever. No one cares about him though. I’ll deal with the competition. It makes us better.

  11. j-bone

    Also Tim, when the other three sucked the Red Sox and Yankees were still two of the best in baseball. You could never say that about the NL east

  12. Teck

    i can actually say whatever i want…that was more directed to foran whos complaining bout how hard the division is. but of course theyll have the best records when the three teams they play the most all suck that bad

  13. j-bone

    I can say whatever I want to, peanut butter elephant, bologne shoelace. doesnt mean its right or makes any sense

  14. A. Rab Money

    geoff, please explain further how the sox dominate the AL east. this aught to be good

    • j-bone

      no they dont dominate, they apparently own it, still makes no sense

    • They dominate, own, invented, blew up, and are the identity of the AL East. They are a great baseball team, with scrappy no-nonsense players. Ball players. The Yankees are a bunch of overpaid, cocky little bitches in a poorly run franchise. They hate their wives, don’t care about their fans, and generally think they rule the world. They have a fan base made up of either similarly minded asses or the unfortunate few whose dads turned them on to the Yankees — dads who were Yankees fans when the Yankees were actually a legitimate franchise with legendary players and a payroll in the same league as the everybody else — not a bunch of sell outs going to wherever a paycheck is so they can buy there wives juicy cutoure sweatpants and there kids tickle-me-elmos so they don’t hate them so much.

  15. j-bone

    you get an early start on your long weekend?

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