Nyjer Morgan Suspension is Too Severe

The 8 game suspension issued to the Washington Nationals’ Nyjer Morgan after he charged the mound was far too severe. After my post last week where I levied for a far more strict penalty for the Detroit Lions’ Ndamukong Suh after his dangerous tackle on Jake Delhomme, I thought his would be a good opportunity to compare the incidents.

First and foremost, Morgan has a reputation for being a punk. He was once involved in an altercation with a fan,he bowled over the Marlins’ catcher in a dirty play, and in general seems to be a nut. That being said, I think that throwing at hitters is a part of baseball. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s just part of the game. Pitchers stick up for their teammates, end of story. The problem with this incident is simple — Morgan was thrown at, got hit, and took his base without incident — the first time. He then proceeded to steal both second and third base, which is pretty cool. However, when he was thrown at again in his next at-bat, his actions were warranted. Once he was hit the first time the score should have been evened, the issue dropped.

While obviously MLB can’t condone fighting, I look at the Suh and Morgan issue this way — Suh’s hit could potentially have caused severe harm to Jake Delhomme in the form of a neck or spinal cord injury, putting him clearly in the wrong. When you look at a pitcher throwing at a hitter, you have to think about it this way — a 90-mph fastball is moving a lot faster, and is much harder, than the fist that Morgan threw back at him. That ball can do a lot more damage than a fist, and given the fact that the score should have already been settled, Morgan’s actions were not out of line. The guy is a nut, but I think the pitcher should have received a longer suspension for continuing a beef that didn’t need to go any further. Commissioner howiGit would have suspended the pitcher 5 games, and Morgan 2 games.

What do you think?

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4 responses to “Nyjer Morgan Suspension is Too Severe

  1. paul muschetto

    Morgan needs the rest of the season off to get himself under control. He needs to understand the difference between hard nosed baseball and dirty baseball. The young man needs some counseling. The pitchers for the marlins should not be suspended at all. they did not throw at his head either time.

    • I agree that not throwing at the head makes a huge difference, and I agree that Morgan needs to learn what is acceptable and what is not. But I think the pitcher should be suspended for adding fuel to a fire that should have been extinguished the first time he was hit.

  2. J-bone

    The difference is that throwing at hitters is part of the game, tackling is part of the game. Fighting is not part of the game.

    • Tackling is part of the game, but dirty hits are not. Likewise throwing at hitters is part of the game, but hit me twice and I’ll come after you makes sense to me.

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