Chinese Traffic Jam Comes to an End — 22 Days Later

China Traffic Jam

Or does it? As I began writing this post, several news stations began reporting that the motorway connecting Beijing and Tibet has begun congesting again. Either way, if you haven’t heard, all you need to know is this: On August 14th, a traffic jam started in China — it soon consisted of 14,000 vehicles spread over 75 miles — and didn’t clear up until this Sunday. In case you needed further evidence of China’s overpopulation, look no further.

How does this happen? It’s as simple as too large of a population and too little infrastructure. Sure, Chinese industry can be impressive in many ways, but ultimately China’s population is too large of a burden for the country to overcome. Not to say anything of the pollution.  I hate to get political on you with this blog, but  it’s happening in this post. I’ve been to Beijing — picture the foggiest day you’ve ever seen, and call that your average Wednesday. It’s gross man. And everyone is hustlin’ — when I first arrived in Beijing (in 2009) a colleague of mine was offered a 2008 Beijing Olympics hat for $20. He walked away with 10 hats for $10. Oh, and then there was the naked baby being held out shivering in the cold by a fully clothed man asking for money. Needless to say, China’s got some issues. Just my opinion.

I think this traffic jam is further evidence of this fact. 22 days? 14,000 cars? 75 miles? Are you kidding me?

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6 responses to “Chinese Traffic Jam Comes to an End — 22 Days Later

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    my question is if you had been stranded there for that long, what do you for food and water and bathroom time? leave your car, i guess.. but people leaving there cars stranded would just create more of a traffic jam. at least this makes traffic going over the George Washington look easy

  2. j-bone

    i heard people slamming on their breaks to watch someone shotgun a beer and the great wall caused the whole thing

  3. Helmholtz

    This will send already outrageous rickshaw prices through the roof!

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