Bold AL East Predictions and Tom Brady Gets Signed

Tom Brady

First and foremost, I will now have a new category of blog posts — weekend notes — of which this is the first installment. These will simply be a few opinions or tidbits of knowledge for you to mull over while you don’t read my blog — come on, it’s the weekend.

We gotta start with the big news: The New England Patriots have officially locked down quarterback Tom Brady for the next four years. Absolutely huge, and I can assure you New England is rejoicing. Having the best player at the most important position on the field for the rest of his prime years couldn’t be better. I expect Brady to play longer than four more years, but I would think his drive and ability will begin to diminish after that. After all, what more does this guy have to prove? Kudos to both Brady and the Patriots for being patient, not throwing a hissy fit, and getting this deal right. Four years at $72 million is exactly what this guy should be getting, with $48.5 million gauranteed. I like it on all accounts. Now lets see what they can do with Randy Moss.

Additionally, I’m throwing a bold prediction on the table. The Tampa Bay Rays will win the AL East this year. I have my reasons for thinking this, which I will not reveal — I’ll look much more intelligent if it “miraculously” happens. It would be extra sweet if the Red Sox had something to do with it the last series of the season against New York.

Finally, I’m not one to pray, vigil, or the such — but thinking of those who 9/11 affected today.

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10 responses to “Bold AL East Predictions and Tom Brady Gets Signed

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    first, i feel the weekend is the most opportunistic time to write because that is when we have the most free time to read and comment.
    second, i like the brady deal and am glad the patriots front office decided to do the right thing and give the man what he deserves (that car accident had to have some people shitting themselves). There is no denying he is an elite future hall of fame qb, but coming off his injury last season i am almost suprised the pats put up this much money, that is normally not there m.o.
    third. Any thoughts on randy moss and his contract? that may be a whole different blog, but just a question.

    lastly, yes thank you to all the troops and to everyone that 9/11 did affect, which was pretty much the whole country.. but special thoughts go out to those who lost someone.

  2. j-bone

    I really wouldnt say thats a bold prediction its a game and a half

  3. Alan Weeks

    Why don’t you just say that you predict that the Rays triumphantly take the AL East because your roommate is a Yankees fan?

  4. J-bone

    Nah sabermetrics has us in the playoffs so we should be fine

  5. Teck

    go rays…the yankees are in their rear view mirrors now

    • I’m telling you, it’s a happening. Damn Yankees, can’t even win their division. Oh, and by the way, their payroll is 72 versus 206 million — a huge testament to the Rays organization.

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