New England Patriots — Game 1 Analysis

Wes Welker New England Patriots

The Patriots came up with a good win to start their season, in a game filled with several pleasant surprises. On the offensive side of the ball, the Patriots showed me that their offense is as good as ever. With not even a B+ running back, this offense will put up a ton of points — they simply have too many weapons. Tom Brady shined, Wes Welker showed that he’s going to be just fine, the offensive line actually bought Brady some time. Both of our two young tight ends played good games and Fred Taylor even pitched in running the ball. The offense is all well and good, but as the second half showed…..

Unfortunately, almost every Patriots game this year will be a time of possession battle. If the Pats get the ball, the offense will dominate and score plenty of points. I’m sure we’ll struggle against the premiere pass rushes in the league, but for the most part just get us the ball and we’ll be great. Unfortunately, the defense is young and generally terrible. Other teams will be able to eat up huge portions of the clock and put points on the board. There’s no way around it.

That being said, game one was a huge success as the defense did show up and make plays. If the Pats can play decent defense even half of the game, get a defense score, or even make just a few key stops on third down, they’ll be extremely tough to beat. And it was great to see them do this in game one against a pretty damn potent offense. Our young cornerbacks, although inexperienced, looked young and fast. They did a great job, despite Ocho Cinco going on a bit of a receiving spree in the second half. This game ultimately provided the blueprint for Patriots success this year — make a few key plays on D and the offense will take care of itself.

Big game against the Jets next week, and thrilled to have football back.

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6 responses to “New England Patriots — Game 1 Analysis

  1. Teck

    Pats looked pretty good…Jets however had one of the most pathetic offensive performances Ive seen in awhile. Should be an interesting match up between Pat’s offense and Jets D (which did still look pretty good)…but if the Pats d could perform that well against the Bengals they shouldnt have too much trouble with the Jets offense.

    Watch out for the dolphins…they didnt look that great against the Bills but, as soon as Henne and Marshall have some more playing time together i think their gonna be the Pats main competition for the AL East Title

  2. Teck

    i simply musket probably wouldnt even penetrate a dolphins flesh…it would bounce right off, whose stupid now?

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