Chad Ocho Cinco, Straight From the Twittersphere

Each morning my alarm clock screeches me back to life. As I open my bloodshot eyes and gasp for air, I inevitably start the day by muttering some variation of an expletive before trudging to the shower. I could use a little inspiration, something to keep me fresh and give purpose to my day. And today, the heavens delivered — straight from the tweeting of Chad Ocho Cinco. Here’s what he had to say this morning, in consecutive tweets.

Chad Ocho Cinco TweetHello world, be great today, find a way to be productive at something? If u a hoe, be a great hoe, teacher, be a great teacher n so on.

chad Ocho Cinco TweetExcuse my language this morning, but I touched on a negative n a positive but want them both to aim for greatness at their profession.

What would I do without you Chad? I’m off to dominate my day — I suggest you do the same.

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4 responses to “Chad Ocho Cinco, Straight From the Twittersphere

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    child please

  2. Teck

    i second that child please

    its too bad that the TV show he got is one of these lame dating shows…while no show with him would compare to jersey shore, i gotta think they could have put together something more entertaining with him in it. He was hilarious on hard knocks…even just following him around would have been better then a dating show

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