Eminem, Jay-Z Host Legend’s Night at New York Concert

Jay-Z Eminem Concert Yankees Stadium

By Jimmy Cunningham, howiGit New York Staff  Writer

Legends Field is home to the New York Yankees during their spring training in Tampa Bay. Tuesday night, the Bombers were out of town and a slew of rap legends took over Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. In what was billed as a Jay-Z and Eminem concert (which would have been enough), the night turned into a veritable who’s-who of rap’s past, present, and future.

Eminem kicked things off with songs from his new Recovery album as well as favorites from his previous six LP’s, as well as performances with Detroit’s D-12. After the D-12 set, Em launched into his breakout hit “My Name Is”, at which point, right on cue as the lyrics “Dr. Dre said…. Slim Shady you a base head” approached, Dr. Dre appeared and proceeded to follow-up the song with “Still Dre” and the classic “Ain’t Nothing but a G-Thang.” After the crowd exploded for Dre, who promised the release of his much-anticipated Detox album, 50 Cent and G-Unit arrived to perform “Patiently Waiting.” Eminem left the stage, leaving 50 and company to keep the crowd warm until he re-emerged to perform a medley that left the crowd exhausted. As the lights came up in the Bronx, you would have been able to go home, exhausted from a crazy show. Except this was halftime, and New York’s own Jay-Z was still to come.

The crowd was given a much-needed 20 minute break before Hova would take the stage. Jay entered and was followed almost immediately by Kanye West. Kanye and Jay killed, performing songs from an upcoming collaborative CD from the both of them which, if Tuesday was any indication, will be fire. Jay continued, performing what can only be described as a dream set, featuring every major hit and classic throwback the fans wanted to hear.He was joined by both Drake and Nate Dogg, gave a shout out to Big Herk in the front row, had Mary J. Blige come out for a song or two, and was joined by Eminem for one last time for their song “Renegade”. Jay closed things off bringing Beyonce on stage for “Forever Young” and finishing with “Empire State of Mind” that closed the show and almost tore down the house that Ruth built.

This was a concert which featured performances from legends of the past, current superstars, and artists who will be the stars of the future. Walking out, you felt like you wanted more, but not one song you wanted to hear was left out. It was literally a dream set, performed by the some of the greatest artists ever to pick up a mic. The energy from start to finish was unbelievable and you got the feeling that only Yankee Stadium, Legends field north, could handle that type of night.

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10 responses to “Eminem, Jay-Z Host Legend’s Night at New York Concert

  1. This concert sounds awesome, I pretty much couldn’t think of one I’d rather go to. That being said, the concert (and Yankees games) do not take place in the House that Ruth Built. You tore than down. They now play in a mall.

  2. J-bone

    I knew that was coming. Ever been there or just basing you opinion on bs?

    • Well I mean come one man, you’re giving me lay-ups here. Admittedly I’ve never been, although I’d love to go. But I don’t need to go there to know that Ruth never played there, and therefore it ain’t his house. And there is in fact a mall there. I’m sure it’s a nice fancy stadium, as it should be for the 1.6 billion dollars or whatever it was that it cost.

  3. J-bone

    There’s a mall in yankee stadium? You sure? You sure you don’t live in russia with the propaganda your fed?

  4. J-bone

    Did you hit up the sam goody in the nonexistent mall?

  5. Teck

    they do have a mall there…i stopped at fye and then got dippin dots outside of the arcade

  6. Jojo

    Dis was awsome ❤ it

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