YouTube Video — Katy Perry, as Sung by the Awesome Kid

This video, by blackmusic2011, cracks me up. In case you are a loser and don’t know, the song is “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry. Yes, the one with the cupcake nipples. He doesn’t really go after it until 53 seconds in, so wait for it. Gotta love the freaks who sit at home and make Youtube videos. More like I am still recovering from Vegas and can’t put a sentence together.

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20 responses to “YouTube Video — Katy Perry, as Sung by the Awesome Kid

  1. Teck

    Cupcake nipples is “California Gurls.” This is “Teenage Dreams” a whole different video. Come on now your better then that, vegas did fry your brain a little bit.

  2. Teck

    i think your lying

  3. j-bone

    Did you state in case you are a loser and don’t know a Katy Perry song, I think knowing the song and then going back and forth on it makes you two the losers

  4. J-bone

    Sorry missed the sarcasm font on the post

  5. A. Rab Money

    i feel bad for you wasting a complete 4 minutes of your life to watch this video

  6. Kevin Youkillis

    i watched that video several times like 2 weeks ago, funny stuff.. this is why you need to put a “email suggestions to” link at the top of your page. coulda had this up weeks ago.

    did you see katy perry on sesame street? cause even that was provocative she dances around with elmo.. a rab money.. i know you love elmo

  7. J-bone

    I am going to spam the boom boom out of you

  8. A. Rab Money

    thats what the dancers at sapphire kept saying to me in vegas j bone

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