The Rum Diary — Worthy of a Read

The Rum Diary Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson, more commonly known for his books Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Hell’s Angels, is also responsible for The Rum Diary — a memoir of sorts recalling the decade Thompson spent living in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after moving to the island as a 22-year-old journalist in 1959.

Literally nothing happens in this book, yet I found it to be a hugely enjoyable read. Thompson spends his days sleeping till noon, eating hamburgers with the other drunkard writers from a sinking English language newspaper, and sweating profusely in the Caribbean sun — all the while swilling a bottomless glass of Superior Rum. Although his character is often questionable, you can’t help but like him — he is something of a traveling, hedonistic Holden Caufield. Thompson’s writing style even mimics J.D. Salinger’s; it is simple, approachable, and often introspective. While Thompson can’t escape the feeling that time is passing him by while he’s on the island, this book has a similar effect on the reader offering wonderful haven. As you dive into the pages, you feel as though you are diving into your own Caribbean vacation.

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8 responses to “The Rum Diary — Worthy of a Read

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    who are you Ryan Latini?

    movie comes out in 2011 starring Johnny Depp

  2. j-bone

    Hunter S would have been a fun guy to hang out with

  3. Alan Weeks

    Thanks for the recommendation shout out, Klimm and I really appreciate it. P.S. No Yeoman in the movie, Sanderson, played by Aaron Eckhart, will be taking all of Yeoman’s parts of the story into his own character….Lame ass shit.

    • Well then, I’d like to send a shout out to Mark Mccormick for recommending this book to me. The lack of Yeoman doesn’t seem to make much sense, as him an Sanderson are very different characters.

  4. Alan Weeks

    Also, you guys couldn’t handle a weekend with Hunter.

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