Red Sox 2010 Playoffs Are Now — Weekend Notes

The Red Sox aren’t going to win anything this year, but they can at least still screw over the Yankees with a couple of wins this weekend as well as in the last series of the season. They did a great job last night, beating the Yankees 10-8 despite 2 home runs a piece from Mark Texiera and A-Rod (who passed fellow cheat Sammy Sosa on the all-time HR list). The win catapulted the Rays past the Yankees into first place in the AL East. The Sox have Jon Lester on the mound today at 4:10pm, so I like their chances.
In other news, the Pats should roll the Bills on Sunday. Could be a good weekend for New England sports.

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6 responses to “Red Sox 2010 Playoffs Are Now — Weekend Notes

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    sox are statistically still in it.. yankees could be the proud owners of the two greatest collapses in baseball history ever.. will it happen? no, but i like the thought of it

  2. A. Rab Money

    thankfully the mets are from new york and will always be known for colossal collapses. they will keep 1 or 2 of them for a long time to come

  3. J-bone

    Very close to your dream weekend

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