Patriots Win a Sketchy One, Rookie Tight Ends Shine

Patiots' Rob Gronkowski

The New England Patriots beat the Buffalo Bills 38-30 yesterday, in a win that is particularly tough to appreciate. Although the win moves New England to 2-1, allowing 374 yards to the worst ranked offense is football is startling to me at best. I can’t imagine what’s going to happen when Peyton (or any other good offense for that matter) comes to Foxboro this year.

That being said, I hate to bitch and moan too much about a victory — especially one in which the offense looked so good. Brady was the man as usual, making a point to toss two TD passes to Randy Moss, thus strengthening his campaign to bring Moss back to New England next season. But perhaps most impressive was the play of the Patriots’ two rookie tight ends, Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. Hernandez led all Patriots with 6 receptions for 65 yards while Gronkowski has 4 receptions for 43 yards and a touchdown. It’s immediately evident that these two have been able to contribute right off the bat and are quickly becoming a key part of the Patriots offense.

Regardless of the play of the offense, I’m still not overly impressed with wins over the Bengals and Bills coupled with a loss to the Jets. But at least the Patriots were able to take some of the spotlight off of Jonathan Papelbon, who was busy imploding against the Yankees and dropping a key game for the Red Sox. I told you his time in Boston is done.

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6 responses to “Patriots Win a Sketchy One, Rookie Tight Ends Shine

  1. J-bone

    Papelbon maybe done but the yankees have shown no fear of bard and seem to hit a homer every time they see him

  2. J-bone

    I would be a little worried if a team in your division that you play close games with smacks around you potential closer

  3. j-bone

    Bard in his career against the Yankees has pitched exactly 9 innings and given up 9 runs and 7 home runs. Not sure if you want a closer who gives up a run an inning and a home run every inning and a third against its biggest rival

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