Ken Burns’ “Baseball: The Tenth Inning” Airs Tonight

Baseball the Tenth Inning Ken Burns

Monday night football is over, and in my book, there is no must watch TV currently on Tuesday nights — tonight aside. Ken Burns’ documentary Baseball: The Tenth Inning airs tonight at 8pm EST on PBS. The series boasts two slogans — “No matter what happens off the field it’s still a beautiful game” and “A new look at the athletes, culture, and business of the game.” For any baseball fan, this is absolutely must watch TV.

I was lucky enough to receive Ken Burns’ 9-part series Baseball for Christmas when I was 11 or 12 years old. That series, which documents the history of the game from its inception until the early 1990’s, easily taught me more about the history of the game than any single source. You couldn’t possibly learn more about the game in 10 hours. This next installment focuses largely on the steroid ERA, but will most certainly also contain the story of the 2004 Red Sox. The series has instant credibility for me, especially given the fact that Ken Griffey Jr. was given the cover of the DVD. Check it out — I’m sure it will provide plenty of talking points.

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37 responses to “Ken Burns’ “Baseball: The Tenth Inning” Airs Tonight

  1. Kevin Youkillis

    it’s a good thing Papelbon is such a shitty closer, otherwise this dvd series couldn’t have happened.

  2. A. Rab Money

    the first nine innings are pretty cool. I have seen a handful of those films. There is must watch tv tonight that you will be missing though, Sons of Anarchy. I suggest you check this show out if you want something to watch on a tuesday, 10 pm on fx

  3. Chucky Cheese

    Sons of anarchy sucks…yes papelbon does suck. 3 years ago I gave him the nickname Crapelbon. you know who else sucks….Dice-K…or as I like to call him…Dice-BB.

    • Well then neither of those statements are too intelligent. 3 years ago Papelbon was absolutely dominant, and Dice-K was 18-3……..

    • j-bone

      sons of anarchy is a top 5 show, 3 years ago was papelbons worst year other than this one, dice-k is chubby

      • I’ll take, in order: Californication, Breaking Bad, Weeds, Jersey Shore. After that I’m not sure. TV is for chumps mostly anyways. As for Papelbon:
        2006 — .92 ERA, 35 saves

        2007 — 1.85 ERA, 37 saves

        2008 — 2.34 ERA, 41 saves

        2009 — 1.85 ERA, 38 saves

        I have a hard time calling 41 saves a bad year, even if it was his “worst” year. Dice-K is frustrating to watch and has had injury trouble, but when he’s on he’s as good as just about anyone. I’m very happy to have him on my team.

      • j-bone

        weeds is awful and jersery shore doesnt count as a real tv show. i think dexter is in the top 5 as well. I didnt say it was a bad year, just his worst, era not that good and I think a good amount of blown saves but I am too lazy to look again. Dice-K is still chubby

      • Weeds is far from awful. When was the last time you watched it? This coming from someone who enjoys watching Eli Manning throw interceptions……Jersey Shore dominates, no way Around it. Dice-K is chubby, but a 2.34 ERA is excellent. I think Dexter is crap, he’s serial killer, we get it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a vampire this season.

      • j-bone

        weeds lost me last season, should have never left the original city. i could say the plot of the show i get it about anything. jersey shore, they are dumb and say funny things i get it, californication he smushes alot and love his family i get it. putting jersey shore in your top five is typical of some one who like superficial hollywood, ala Tom Bieber Brady.

      • Tommy ain’t no nothin bout Hollywood.

      • j-bone

        please Brady is the most hollywood qb in the league

      • Tony Romo? Mark Sanchez? Peyton Manning? Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

      • j-bone

        manning has a high and tight hair cut and watches film all day, sanchez are you serious, romo may be close. I know i have never seen any of those guys courtside with his super model wife with teenage idol hair, ask bill simmons what the boston view on brady is right now, your gonna see him with a mink coat once the weather cools down a little more.

      • Who cares what Bill Simmons says? Tom can’t help it that he has a super model wife. Yea, he’s got to lose the hair. But as long as he keeps playing awesome, keeps being a great leader, and is more clutch than anyone else he’s nothing but beloved in New England. Go have Bill Simmons tell you that, cause that’s what’s up.

      • j-bone

        seeing that Simmons has a couple hundred or thousdand boston readers emailing him complaining about Hollywood Tom I am gonna trust his imput on this.

        Question for you ,do you have to do something cluth in the last 3 years to be considered clutch or you just keep if forever?

      • Maybe driving down the field in the super bowl against the giants and scoring, a play which everyone thought won the super bowl? Tell me what these people are complaining about besides his hair.

      • teck

        Californication, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Dexter, jersey shore best shows on TV. i like weeds havent watched this season yet tho…but its not up there with the others

      • j-bone

        Dexter is legit, last season was amazing. I think the complaints are about is almost does not seem to care about Boston attitude, he wants to win but does not seem to care either way about Boston, but I am not receiving the emails so I don’t know. That super bowl was 3 years ago, also the last clutch thing he did, also if someone tops you it takes away clutch points

      • Try watching his games. Nearly every time he is given the ball with his team down, he puts up a significant drive and moves the chains. He is consistently better at this than anyone I have ever watched, Peyton included.

      • And that’s really all you can ask from your quarterback.

  4. Teck

    Interestingly enough at work we have a contract with the local PBS affiliate. I was in charge of placing commercials for Millersville on this station. And I picked this program…so we are the primary sponsor for The Tenth Inning on the WITF-PBS afflitate based out of Harrisburg. Im excited to watch this.

  5. A. Rab Money

    I thought television sets weren’t allowed in Amish country?

  6. Teck

    An open invitation to all to come to what you guys perceive as Amish country…Foran knows its a good time, certainly not what you’d expect.

  7. Alan Weeks

    Ironically enough we have a member of Lancaster, PA coming to the Somerville residence this week I believe. Millersville love.

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